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I am as respectful, considerate and sensitive as I am sporty, confident and groundbreaking. With my sincere interest in you, I like to look for depth during serious conversations, where the tension is broken with a good dose of humor. You will have my full attention, also between the sheets your pleasure is central to me. I get satisfaction from satisfying all your wishes and I dedicate myself to it with great intensity.

— XXX —

About Dean


Dean is a handsome, outgoing, energetic and charismatic gentleman born and raised in The Netherlands but with mysterious Arabic roots. His smile, empathic abilities and welcoming personality says it all and will make you feel at ease instantly. Dean strives for perfection, resulting in not only an amazing body, but also when it comes to personal development.

With his athletic and muscular frame, it’s no surprise Dean is dedicated to health and fitness. Always very polished and gallant, dressed stylish and with attention to detail. It is not only his appearance that is important to Dean. This ambitious hunk always sets his sights high in all areas of life and has the ability to effectively balance his caring for others and intellectual spirit, ultimately leading him towards a passion for working for the defense department. Dean's charismatic personality has not only motivated him to pursue his career-related dreams, but also fitness and traveling. His broad field of interest and deep-rooted respect for women makes him sensitive and able to understand women on a deeper level. He will make every booking unique and unforgettable!


Our high class gigolos offer a Boyfriend Experience, that is romantic, sensual and passionate. Sometimes, with the right connection, our gigolos are open to extra services. Below you can find more information about the erotic preferences of the gigolo.

This gigolo is heterosexual and available for:


Dean offers an active and intense Boyfriend Experience, not for the faint hearted! His greatest pleasure is to see you enjoy yourself.


The Pornstar Experience is Deans' specialty as he is more dominant in the bedroom. You are in for a wild ride with Dean, being openminded he is looking forward to bringing your naughtiest fantasies to life. Dean is an excellent choice for experienced couples looking for a PSE with the focus on the woman.


Dean enjoys experimenting and trying new things, such as BDSM in a dominant position and kinky fantasies.


Dean has a collection of (vibrating and non-vibrating) toys, bondage rope, collar, whip and ball gag.



The Netherlands and worldwide
Working, Defense Department




Lightly colored skin
Short brown
Athletic and muscular
184 CM
Clothing size
Natural beauty
100% Natural
Most beautiful feature
Broad shoulders
Several large


Light social smoker
Whiskey, dry white wine, water
Italian, Mediterranean, Arabic/Persian
Bois D'Argent (Christian Dior)


Type of Client

Likes & dislikes


Our rates are all inclusive, no surprise extra charges will be added to the rate. Travel expenses up to 150 km in the Netherlands and 21% VAT are also included in our rates. The rates below are available when booked in advance.

Standard Rates

2 hours
€ 500
3 hours
€ 700
4 hours
€ 900
5 hours
€ 1050
6 hours
€ 1200
7 hours
€ 1350
8 hours
€ 1500
10 hours
€ 1700
12 hours
€ 1900
14 hours
€ 2050
16 hours
€ 2200
20 hours
€ 2450
24 hours
€ 2700
36 hours
€ 3400
48 hours
€ 4100
Extra 12 hours
€ 650
Extra 24 hours
€ 1200

Dinner Date & Overnight Rates

Dinner dates and Overnights in the Netherlands are available at a discounted rate. In case of a Dinner Date at least the first half of the booking is spent on lunch or dinner. With an Overnight booking, you will spend at least 12 hours and the night together with your escort. Your booking will end after 6.00 in the morning and the escort can sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours.

5 hours
€ 900
6 hours
€ 1050
7 hours
€ 1200
8 hours
€ 1350
10 hours
€ 1500
12 hours
€ 1700
14 hours
€ 1850
16 hours
€ 2000
20 hours
€ 2200

Extension Rates

We offer the following options for extending your booking.

During the first half of your booking

You can extend your booking in advance and during the first half of the original booking duration to any desired duration. You only pay for the price difference of the longer booking duration within the same rate category.

From the second half of your booking

You can extend your booking from the second half of the original booking duration at the following rates

1 hour extra
€ 250
2 hours extra
€ 450
3 hours extra
€ 650
4 hours extra
€ 850

For more extra hours see the rate for the same duration of the Standard Rates.

Special Packages

Gigolo for Couples

: We also offer male escorts and gigolos who enjoy meeting (M/F) couples for an exciting threesome. A surcharge applies.

Couples Club

: Visit a couples club or erotic party with your escort (surcharge €250). An exciting experience to explore your innermost fantasies.

Minimum Booking

This gigolo requires a minimum booking of 2 hours. For bookings within the Netherlands, you may use the calculator below to find the required minimum booking duration.

This gigolo is based in Rotterdam area and available for bookings within The Netherlands and worldwide. The minimum booking duration at international destinations can be requested here. A minimum of 12 to 16 hours applies to most European destinations and between 24 and 48 hours for other international destinations.

Rate Information

More information about payment methods can be found here. This gigolo offers the following payment options:

  • Cash in €
  • Cash in $ and £
  • Bank Transfer


The availability of Dean is on request only. Dean requires at least one day notice and can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

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