When will we call you?

When will we call you?

When will our high class escortservice contact you by phone?

Needless to say, we understand discretion is of the utmost importance to our clients. We assume you wish to keep your adventures with us confidential and we take measures to assure that's possible. With that in mind, we recently received an email from a client asking us under which conditions we would contact him by phone. 

Since it seemed like a legitimate question that more clients may have, we felt it would be a good topic for a new blog post. In this blog post we discuss the possible reasons for us to call you, without a previous agreement for us to do so at a specific date and time.

After a missed call to our high class escortservice

Our opening hours are daily between 10 o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock at night (22.00). During these hours we do our very best to answer your emails as fast as possible, respond to text and whatsapp messages and answer your calls. But there are occasions where we are unable to answer your calls. For instance when we are already on a second line with an other person or because we are in a meeting that requires our full attention. Unless specifically requested, we will not follow up on a missed call if we can't do so within 30 minutes. You do not have to worry about us calling or texting you hours later about a missed call. 

On the day of your booking with one of our high class escorts

Although uncommon, it is possible we need to contact you about your upcoming booking with us. With enough notice, we'll only do so via email but if the matter is more urgent, for example because your escort has called in sick, we will most likely also follow up on that email with a neutral SMS message saying something like "We've send you an urgent email, regards Marike". We may even call you on the day of the booking, but only if we feel this is absolutely necessary. Close to your booking we may call you to update you about the arrival time of your escort. Perhaps your escort is arriving a bit early or late and we wish to coordinate that with you. 

A call for verification purposes

Those booking with us the very first time and are not providing a prepayment also know we call your hotel to verify the roomnumber. We provide clear instructions ahead of time to make sure this call goes as smootly and discreetly as possible. We will call the front desk of your hotel and ask to be connected to your room. This is done without the hotel knowing who we are and why we are really calling. In fact, a scenario for the call is previously provided to you to make sure of this.

Because you or the escort can not be reached in any other way

If we've exhausted any other form of contact, as a last resort we will call you if it is absolutely necessary to contact you. This may be the case if you have not provided an outstanding payment despite countless reminders or your room number for verification has not been provided and you're about to loose your booking. Just to name a few examples. If we are unable to reach the escort when we wish to inform her your bookingduration has finished, we will also try to reach her by calling you. This way we make sure the escort stays safe and your booking is not exceeding the booking duration, resulting in extra charges for you.


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