What keeps our high end escorts busy

What keeps our high end escorts busy

What kept our high end escorts busy during the past few months

The past few months have been strange, almost unreal. The Netherlands was in a lockdown and the corona measures forced many people to work from home or even in self-quarantine. As you may have noticed, we have been busy with this new website in the past period. But what have our high end escorts and gigolos been up to in the meantime? You can read it here.

High class escort Taylor has unexpected talents

We already knew that high class escort Taylor from Hilversum has many talents in the bedroom. But that she is also very handy in DIY projects in and around the house comes as a surprise to many. In recent months she has built a closet for her shoes. As you can see… these mainly consist of high heels. From elegant pumps with a stiletto heel to sexy stripper shoes; Taylor has them! This skill also comes in handy in the bedroom. Taylor can tie you down like no other. With her new bondage harness you have nowhere to go and you are left to Taylor's mercy. With the right connection, she really enjoys dominating you, so get ready to rumble!

High class escort Louise has beautiful feet

Despite the fact that Louise is a very intelligent high class escort, she also enjoys things that do not challenge her intellect. She loves personal care and Louise always looks impeccable. So she took some pictures of her beautifully groomed nails and feet, which you would undoubtedly love to caress and kiss. No matter how relaxed Louise gets from personal care, she can hardly wait to go on another exciting date as a high class escort. The text "take me away" therefore speaks volumes. Perhaps you want to take her on an exciting date that is both intellectually and sensually stimulating.

Gigolo Max goes to the gym for a muscular body

Gigolo Max has an amazing muscular body that many women (and men) long for. But of course that doesn't just happen overnight. Such a beautifully muscled body requires regular exercise and a balanced diet. In the past few months, gigolo Max from Amsterdam had some extra time to train and he shares some nice photos of what this looks like. Of course he took off his t-shirt for the occasion, so that we can admire his body even more closely. Would you like to assess this personally? That is of course also possible, because gigolo Max is available for bookings again.

High class escort Jane is always sexy and seductive

It doesn't matter where you meet high class escort Jane from the Eindhoven region and at what time of the day this is. I can assure you one thing; she always wears sexy clothes that emphasize her beautiful body. High stiletto heels are a standard part of her look and she has them in all colors of the rainbow. Whether Jane goes shopping at the supermarket or at a sex shop; high heels guaranteed. Speaking of sex shop… Jane has confessed to us that it was not just a photo of the sex shop, she also bought some nice things that will provide extra pleasure during a booking.


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