Spa and wellness in The Netherlands

Spa and wellness in The Netherlands

The best spa and wellness resorts in The Netherlands with an escort

Have you booked a high class escort from Society Service and would you like to be pampered? Why not book a spa and wellness resort. As far as we are concerned, no better destination imaginable to completely relax. Especially with a beautiful escort from Society Service to keep you company. You will experience everything you could wish for: relaxation, conviviality and above all intense pleasure.

Each booking starts with getting to know your escort on a social and mental level, while being fully dressed. Although visiting a spa and wellness resort is recommended as a relaxing part of your booking, it is not possible to start your booking here as entering the spa and wellness resort requires getting undressed. When visiting a spa and wellness resort during your booking, the standard rates always apply, unless you choose to visit such a resort after spending the night together during your overnight booking.

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam

A healthy mind in a healthy body, or a 'pure life', that's what Zuiver stands for. Spa Zuiver Amsterdam is located near the Amsterdam Bos, just a fifteen minute ride from most luxury hotels in the centre of Amsterdam, but also just fifteen minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Warm up in the saunas, submerge yourself in one of the aroma baths or whirlpools, take a dive into the swimming pool and recline on one of the lounge beds in the clean forest air. Enjoy your day to the fullest with a beauty treatment, massage and/or treat from the restaurant. And would like some private time in between to take a nap, or some other relaxation in the bedroom? Then make sure to book a room at their hotel.

Devarana Sauna Resort Den Bosch

Spa Devarana Den Bosch calls itself the most complete and modern resort of The Netherlands, but is also (one of) the most beautiful one, according to us at least. They offer many different types of saunas and pools. For example the salt cave sauna, level sauna, infrared sauna, an original steam bath, whirlpool or rasul and much more. The Eastern decoration of the resort makes you feel like you have walked into a fairy tail. Discover the dazzling world of Devarana together with your high class escort.

Spa Sereen Maarssen

Step into the world of SpaSereen Maarssen and step into the world of water. Near the Maarsseveense Waters, you can peacefully enjoy all the wellness facilities in your very own way. SpaSereen Maarssen offers several indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, salt water baths, waterfalls, foot baths but also waterbeds to take a rest. This waterfall is combined with a large amount of saunas and steam baths. Due to its central location near Utrecht, easily accessible from all over The Netherlands.

Thermen Bussloo Voorst

If there is one wellness center in the Netherlands to relax, it is Thermen Bussloo Voorst near Zutphen. The reputable wellness center has all the facilities that makes your togetherness one big party. In addition to enjoying a luxurious suite overlooking the lake and all kinds of saunas, baths and relax rooms, the center also offers a delicious Hammam treatment. At Thermen Bussloo you can experience this centuries-old cleansing ritual in one of the most beautiful hamams in The Netherlands. You will be scrubbed, lathered and of course wonderfully massaged. Afterwards you will feel reborn. When returning to your luxurious suite, you will more intensely enjoy whatever may follow.

Wellness Center de Bronsbergen

Do you need a short break from your busy life? In that case Wellness Center de Bronsbergen is the ideal place to completely relax. The wellness center is surrounded by the Bronsvergenmeer and has everything for you and your sexy date to relax. An absolute must is the Ayurveda massage. This massage, during which you are doused with a generous amount of warm herbal oil, has a cleansing effect, relaxes, nourishes and balances you physically and mentally. Besides all mental and physical treatments you can also enjoy a culinary arrangement. With the dessert that will later take place behind closed doors in mind, you can safely say: no sense will be left untouched during your visit!

Sauna & Beauty de Heuvelrug

Far away from all the hustle and bustle, you find Sauna & Beauty de Heuvelrug in the quiet Veenendaal (Province of Utrecht). The moment you and your escort enter the resort you immediately feel like you have entered a fairytale, such a beautiful and magical environment. From now on it time for relaxation, and nothing else. With a variety of saunas, thermal baths and beautiful massage rooms, there is a large choice where to wind down and find your oasis of rest. Restore your energy at the nearby hotel...

Thermen Soesterberg

Would you like to completely get away from the outside world, and enjoy your time with your beautiful escort, a facial, massage and saunas? Then there is virtually no better destination imaginable than Thermen Soesterberg in the province of Utrecht. Here you can immerse yourself in the warmth of a Finnish sauna that is no less than 90 degrees Celsius. Are you completely relaxed? Then you will have a romantic dinner for two in the extraordinarily atmospheric restaurant.

Sauna & Beauty Oase Nederasselt

Are you in the mood for an unforgettable massage? Sauna & Beauty Oase Nederasselt offers the most diverse massage options of all spa and wellness resorts in The Netherlands. How about the aroma vedic massage, bamboo massage, brush massage, cupping massage, diamond massage, hot stone massage and herbal stamp massage? But the massage that staid with us the most must be the candle massage. Certainly because of its sensual nature. Provided you use the right candle, it may be an idea to apply the same technique later in the bedroom. With all its consequences.