8: Watching two women

Common male sexual fantasies

Many researchers have tried to offer an insights into the most common male sexual fantasies. For a special Blog-Series we have compiled the 10 most common male fantasies that can be turned into reality at our high class escortservice. Read a little bit more about fantasy 8: Watching two women have sex.

What does it mean to watch two women have sex?

A passive man or couple, not participating in any actual action, watches two women have lesbian sex with each other. Lesbian sex generally consists of French kissing, touching and caressing, sharing erotic massage, performing and receiving oral sex and using sex toys. Lesbian sex is one of the most viewed types of porn, by both men and women.

What is this fantasy about?

How long can you look at lesbian sex and enjoy it? We’re guessing it could be hours, unless the stock market or a sporting event is going wild or some other male aphrodisiac comes into play. Most men would gladly watch two women having an intimate encounter and savor every detail although they would probably prefer to jump in and change it to a threesome.

What’s possible with a high class escort?

Most of our escorts are bicurious or bisexual and available for a sexy lesbian show. Sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and watch two of our escorts have fun together. If a couple is looking to spice up their sexlife but does not want to go all the way yet, it can be very exciting to share this experience together. It can provide for some very nice fantasy material when you are alone again.

Rates for this fantasy at our high class escortservice

Rates bookings with two of our high class escorts start at € 1400 for 2 hours. Discounted packages are available when 3 hours or more are booked.