Good news! Vivienne is back in the Netherlands

Good news! Vivienne is back in the Netherlands

High class escort Vivienne is back in the Netherlands

High class escort Vivienne is a beautiful blonde from the Arnhem, Nijmegen and Den Bosch region. She is intelligent and has a very positive outlook on life, every day is like a little party for her. Like many of our high class escorts, Vivienne is a very adventurous and enterprising young woman. Although we were sorry to see her leave, we were not surprised that she left the Netherlands for a while for an adventure abroad. Fortunately Vivienne is back in the Netherlands and in this blog she tells a bit more about her adventures.

Hi Sexy! Did you miss me?

"I would like to tell you about a new chapter in my life. Before I had always a desire to travel, to see more of this beautiful world where we living in. A new adventure was what I wanted so I decide to go for it and start my journey! And here I still am at one of the most beautiful islands I ever saw before! New cultures, a new environment with beautiful rough landscapes, perfect beaches and clear blue water blow up all my expectations I had of this adventure, in a great way! 

And now I'm writing this blog for you at this perfect location. Lying down at a beautiful beach in a tiny bikini, my body totally oiled with sunscreen. It’s one of my last days here on this Island and then I have to restart my life in The Netherlands. And believe me, that's almost even exciting as starting a new journey outside my homeland. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. And of course I can't wait to see you! I love to share my hole experience with you! Maybe over a romantic dinner for two?  Where we have a remember full night and get the chance to know each other? Or maybe you love to travel, like me, and we can make an citytrip together? Or we can challenge ourselves and practice an outdoor sport? 

Time for some more intensity? Then we can find a place with some more privacy, where we start to kiss slowly with our bodies against each other. Or we can go back to our hotel to get a bath together where we we discover our naked bodies. Afterwards I can give you a sensual massage dressed in my finest lingerie. Maybe you like to start a little roleplay? Me dressed up as a French maid taking care of the room and of course you! I can’t wait for you to tell me what your wildest fantasies are, so we both have an amazing time together! With this thoughts of you and me It's time to cool down now in the sea.

I'm not done with traveling the world yet. But I'm glad to announce you that when you read this blog I'm already back in The Netherlands and ready to meet with you! So do I see you soon? Xoxo Vivienne"

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