Two tall Dutch escorts from Amsterdam

Two tall Dutch escorts from Amsterdam

A bisexual threesome with two tall Dutch escorts

Dutch women are, amongst other things, known for being tall and therefore admired by many men. Do you desire a tall all-Dutch high class escort? Then a bisexual threesome with escort Jasmin and escort Alice from Amsterdam must be a dream come true. The two ladies where invited together on an international booking and where so excited about their time together, they would love to share their experiences with you.

High class escort Alice from Amsterdam about escort Jasmin

Not too long ago I received a message from the escortservice asking if I would be available to travel abroad to visit a well-respected gentlemen. Luckily, I did not have any university lectures during does days, so I happily accepted the invitation. When I read through all the details of the trip, I got very excited. Traveling abroad, exploring cities and spending time with an interesting man like yourself is thrilling already, but this time I would be doing all of this together with exclusive escort Jasmin, which made me look forward to the trip even more. I had met Jasmin before during an erotic massage workshop organized by the escortservice, so I knew that I would be spending time with a breathtakingly beautiful girl who has the softest touch and the sincerest smile.

The day before our departure I took my time to carefully pick and choose what I would bring on this little adventure. I selected a figure hugging dress for our dinnerdate to make sure Jasmin and our generous host would be able to see every curve of my body the second I would walk in the room. For time in the hotel room I chose to bring several sets of elegant yet playful and most of all very sexy lingerie. Just in case Jasmin would feel like getting naughty together, I also packed some sextoys.

The next morning, I went for a quick workout at the gym and took a long shower afterwards. I styled my hair nicely, used some body lotion all over my body, put on some make-up and got dressed. Shortly after that I grabbed my bags and left for the airport. On my way I looked through Jasmin’s stunning photos over and over again. The thought of meeting her in less than half an hour made me blush a little. When I arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport I saw Jasmin right away, a girl that tall and beautiful is hard to miss, even at a crowded airport. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and during that brief moment I realized that the two of us would have a great time together the next few days. We immediately got along very well and gossiped and giggled like all girlfriends do.

When we arrived at our hotel we hopped into the shower and changed into our dresses. When Jasmin asked me to help her zip her skintight dress, I caught a glimpse of her dazzling body and I could only imagine how it would feel to kiss and caress her long legs, soft skin and lovely lips. We met the gentleman that had invited us at his hotel and sat down for a delightful dinner together. All three of us talked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. When we finished our desserts and the champagne, I looked at Jasmin and already got excited about what the rest of the night would bring.

In the hotel room, I got the warm water running and filled up the bath. Our gentleman friend got in and Jasmin and I carefully started to massage his feet. As we were massaging our host, I realized we are a great duo; without having planned anything our hands made the same movements at the exact same moment ensuring that our date could relax entirely whilst he was enjoying a perfectly synced massage by two good-looking girls. After the bathing session, the three of us moved to the king-size bed. Jasmin took of her dress and for a second I thought I was dreaming; in front of me was standing one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen, wearing nothing but beautiful black lingerie and high heels. I took of my dress too and together we slowly started kissing and caressing our date’s body. When our faces would come closer, we would look up and give each other a kiss before getting back to teasing our date.

As the night continued, our lingerie came off piece by piece and I finally got to enjoy all of Jasmin’s fine figure. We kissed, licked, teased and pleased each other while our date watched the two of us have fun. As you can imagine, this view made him feel a certain way so it did not take very long before he decided to join in on the fun. I enjoyed watching them together and loved it how Jasmin would softly stroke my body when our date and I were enjoying each other. It felt like the three of us were the perfect combination, we all divided our attention, we all enjoyed each other and we all had a spectacular evening.

After all the fun Jasmin and I decided to go for a drink. We ended up in a fairytale like piano bar, where we ordered our last glass of champagne to toast to our adventure and sensational night we just had. After just one sip Jasmin put her glass aside and walked over to the piano. She asked the piano player if she could perform a song and before I knew it she was sitting behind the microphone. Jasmin started playing and enchanted the entire audience with her captivating voice. Yet again I was stunned by this wonderful woman. After Jasmin was applauded, we walked back to our hotel together. We got ready for bed and before switching of the light I took a last good look at the extraordinary woman lying next to me. We talked a little bit, gave each other a goodnight kiss and fell asleep. That night I dreamed about Jasmin, her touch, her kiss, her voice and of course her stunning smile.

High class escort Jasmin from Amsterdam about escort Alice

Reading Alice’s words about our experience abroad brings back all these amazing memories of that little secret getaway. The journey alone was already so much fun. We didn’t care about standing in line at security or that our flight was delayed. We couldn’t stop flirting and talking, learning more and more about each other. Knowing that soon we would be learning more about each other’s bodies… I secretly couldn’t wait.

Alice is a stunning blond escort girl who lights up a room. I just loved spending time with her. She is so talented, smart and a true inspiration. I immediately felt like I could learn a lot from her and I was right. During the day she would amaze me with her broaden knowledge and view on the world. But she had much more to offer which I would discover later that day.

Alice definitely brought her A-game that night. She had instantly turned into this goddess who kept surprising our date and me. Thinking about it now would instantly make me beg for more. We had such a high level of physical connection. I remember her sweetly pressing that amazing body to mine, our lips touching, and our breasts squeezed together. Honestly, I can’t wait till the day we are reunited again!