Tintl launch


Getting to know the high class escorts

Throughout the year we receive invitations to fun, interesting and usually exciting events. While some companies and institutions want to avoid an escortservice, others welcome us. Last sunday, september 11th 2016 we where invited to the launch of Tintle, the newest service by Beate Uhse. Together with high class escorts Zoey and Sofia we visited the event at a spectacular Amsterdam location. It's important to us to get to know our high class escorts a little better throughout their time with us. It allows us to make better matches for our clients and it makes the high class escort feel more comfortable and involved. In addition to that, it's just great fun. So when an opportunity presents itself, we happily go out with our gorgeous ladies.

Companies in the erotic industry

The evening started with some drinks and a wonderful dinner, served by beautiful ladies, hired by Beate Uhse. Beate Uhse is a large publicly traded concern, including in The Netherlands Christine Le Duc and online erotic warehouse Pabo.nl. The new service was suppose to be named Sexflix but after serious objections by Netflix, the new name Tintl was introduced. The service is like Netflix and Spotify; for a fixed amount per month you can view without limitation high quality HD porn, free of viruses. Tintl is free the first month and can be joined in a quickie.

Watching porn with your high class escort

Together with high class escorts Zoey and Sofia we discussed the new service. The ladies where very much into it. Watching erotic movies can be very arousing, both when alone, as well as during a booking. And a service like Tintl is much more convenient than the average limited pay-per-view options at your hotelroom, or the small display of a mobile. To us, making the new service available at every hotel is no unnecessary luxury!