The coronavirus entry pass and high class escort

The coronavirus entry pass and high class escort

How does the coronavirus entry pass work at our high class escortservice

From September 25th 2021, a coronavirus entry pass is required to visit events, catering facility or cultural show. It is very common to visit these during a booking; getting to know each other over a glass of wine in the hotel bar, dining out together, a cultural event and more. So how does this work?

Privacy is of great importance to both our clients and our escorts, and we want to respect that need for privacy. We have repeatedly reminded you that vaccination status and test results are medical information and we, nor you, are not allowed to inform about this. This information is private. This information will also remain private with effect from the measures on September 25, which is why we explain how we deal with this and what advice we have for clients.

How does this work for the escort

If you intend to visit a location during your booking for which a coronavirus entry pass is required, always indicate this as far in advance as possible. We will then ensure that the high class escort you have booked has a coronavirus entry pass. The majority of our escorts have already been vaccinated, the other escorts will have a free test taken before booking through TestenVoorToegang. There are no costs involved for you. Which method applies to the escort you booked will not be shared with you for privacy reasons.

As soon as your escort is asked to show the coronavirus entry pass during your booking, give your escort as much privacy as possible. If possible, literally distance yourself, stand a little further away. If this is not possible, do not watch, but turn your face away. Your escort will offer you the same privacy.

How does this work for the client

For you as a client, it is your own responsibility that you have a coronavirus entry pass if this is necessary. If during the booking it appears that you do not have the necessary coronavirus entry pass, this does not entitle you to change or cancel your booking. Although this is your own responsibility, we can point you in the right direction.

As a Dutch citizen you can use a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or test certificate in your CoronaCheck app. You can find more information about how this works here. Persons from other countries in the EU can use a European Digital Corona Certificate (DCC), you can read more about this here. A test certificate is required for visitors from outside the EU. You cannot use a vaccination certificate. You can schedule your test for free and have it administered via TestenVoorToegang. A test can be scheduled daily and on short notice in all major cities, there is sufficient capacity. Your test result will be available within a few hours and valid for 24 hours.

Suggestions that do not require a coronavirus entry pass

Whatever your motivation, it may be that you do not want or cannot use the coronavirus entry pass. In that case, we have some suggestions for you:

  • No corona entry pass is required on a terrace. Many catering establishments have adapted their terraces so that you can also sit comfortably and warm here in autumn and winter. To use the toilet inside, you will need your coronavirus entry pass again.
  • No corona entry pass is required for room service. So you can also enjoy a tasty bite and drink in your hotel room with your high class escort.
  • In addition to eating out, you can also choose to prepare a meal together with your high class escort.
  • Not a kitchen prince(ss)? Then invite our professional private chef Vincent to cook for you and your escort.
  • Looking for something special, like dinner on a boat? Then ask Evelyn, our Chief Indulgement Officer.


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