Tasting dinner with a luxury escort

Tasting dinner with a luxury escort

Visit romantic tastings with your high class escort

Say for yourself, what could be more exciting than hiding with a dazzling high class escort from Society Service for a while? Besides the fact that our male and female escorts are smart, sexy and often also particularly charming, they are also a very nice company to undertake exciting activities with. That can be anything, because the escorts of Society Service are really in for everything. Yet there are a number of activities that always will be a success. One is to visit a tasting. Why? Well, tasting all kinds of things together not only creates a bond, it also ensures that you are perfectly prepared for the tasting that will take place later that evening. The one, behind closed hotel doors!

Chocolate tasting

A tasting that the high class escorts of Society Service always like is the chocolate tasting at Cacao and Spice, in the heart of Amsterdam. Here you can taste anything from home-made chocolates to 'single origin' chocolate from all parts of the world. Chocolate from the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil for example, but also from other parts of the world, such as Grenada, Papua, Congo and Vietnam. Whoever does a chocolate tasting at Cacao and Spice makes a so-called small trip around the world. Yet there is another reason to take your date here. As you probably know, chocolate and women are a special combination. Take the high class escort from Society Service to this tasting and you will see: afterwards she’ll be eating all night out of your hand.

Champagne tasting

Do you want to take the high class escort from Society Service to a stylish place where it is also cozy? In that case, we heartily recommend a Champagne tasting at Bubbles & Wines! This wine bar in the center of Amsterdam is one of the first bars in the Netherlands to use the Enomatic System. I'm sure the name won't tell you much, but
thanks to the Enomatic System, the bar has the possibility to offer a very wide range of wines and Champgane by the glass, because all bottles that are opened retain their quality at all times. A bit like the high class escorts from Society Service. Just like the delicious Champagnes and wines, they will never lose their quality!

Oyster tasting

Although the tasting is only offered from 8 people, the oyster tasting at Café - Restaurant Stork in Amsterdam is always very popular with the high class escorts of Society Service. Here you can taste different oysters with a matching drink, where you will also be explained a bit about the taste. You may have heard it more often, but the oyster is often said to be an aphrodisiac and therefore increase libido. Not surprising of course, although you will soon find out that nothing increase your libido more as the high class escort from Society Service!