Sexy bisexual duo with escorts Noah and Melody

Sexy bisexual duo with escorts Noah and Melody

Sexy bisexual duo with high class escorts Noah and Melody

Right after their very first duodate, high class escort Melody from The Hague and high class escort Noah from Amsterdam told us they would love to do more duo's together. According to the ladies, it had been an amazing match with great natural chemistry. We asked the client for feedback and he confirmed; amazing bisexual threesome with two gorgeous, intelligent Dutch blondes. It didn't really came as a surprise to us that this was a great duo for a bisexual threesome. We pride ourselves in our talent for matchmaking and giving you honest advice about the escort or escort's we believe fit best with you.

Two beautiful all Dutch blonde high class escorts

The obvious match is that in appearance. We look at escort Noah and escort Melody as two beautiful Dutch blondes. They are both slim, natural blondes but different in their very own way. Noah is more the surfer girl type with her beautiful smile, tanned skin and wavy blonde hair. Melody describes the most beautiful part about Noah as "Hard to tell what exactly is the most beautiful part about Noah, as she is truly a natural beauty with her length, figure, long and light blonde hair! If I would need to choose, it would be her smile. Cliche but non the less true; a smile is the best make-up! When you see Noah smile, you see her beautiful white teeth and the sweet dimples in her cheeks." Melody is more the student type with sweet and innocent eyes, fair complexion and natural light blonde hair. Her most beautiful part is described by Noah as "The most beautiful part about Melody is her mysterious smile, combined with sweet and innocent eyes. In a matter of seconds she changes from sweet girl to seductive young lady."

Two intelligent and elegant high class escorts

The less obvious match is that in character, as Melody and Noah are very different from each other, yet seem to bring out the best of each other, when together. We can imagine the bubbly Noah brings out the playful side of Melody, that is dying to come out and play. On the other hand, the intellectual and soft side of Melody will stimulate the elegant side of Noah, transforming them both into the ultimate high class escort. Noah describes why she likes Melody as a person as "In addition to being very pretty and attractive, Melody is super smart. For hours, she can tell you about artists, composers, music, and other little facts. She's very versatile and ambitious, which makes her attractive. Art history, making music, dancing salsa, you name it." Melody describes why she likes Noah as a person as "Noah isn't just very bubbly and outgoing, but also very ambitious and a true idealist. She has great plans for founding her own company and would love to use a part of her turnover to help other young entrepreneurs. Nothing as sexy as a power woman who knows exactly what she wants." Needless to say... a two hour duo with those two ladies will not be sufficient. Only talking to them will be a true pleasure and like most finer things in life, must be indulged into slowly.

The nitty gritty... sensual bisexual threesome

One of the very few parts that is somewhat difficult for us to predict in advance is how two ladies will connect in the bedroom. We do not "testdrive" our high class escorts, that would be far from what our company stands for. We do listen to their desires, fantasies, likes and dislikes. With the assumption that ladies who want to become an high class escort, must have an above average interest in eroticism, we are pretty confident the bedroom part is good to go. Only Melody and Noah can tell us what their erotic time as a bisexual duo is like. With the right amount of discretion, this is what Melody has to say: "From the very first minute we knew we would be friends. There was a connection and even after the first hour we finished each others' sentences. We are very connected and feel what the other desires and thinks. This makes us a perfect team to give a client an amazing time." The slightly more elaborating Noah described it as: "Melody and I really connect. For a client we are a dreamteam, a night to never forget. A few seconds of eye contact tell us what the other wants to do and is up to so it feels very natural. For example, when undressing a client, no part of his body will be left unattended as Melody and I cover front and back. One kissing him, the other undressing, creating a very sensual, authentic and spontaneous atmosphere." Don't believe our word for it? When asking the ladies to take a few pictures together, this is what it looked like, when Noah crawled on top of Melody. They could not stop teasing and touching each other. Imagine you are in between these two amazing high class escorts...

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What they have in mind for your bisexual duo booking

Curious what the ladies have in store for you? Aside from a mind-blowing sensual bisexual threesome, the ladies would love to be taken to an amazing Japanese restaurant, a cuisine they both enjoy. They will be your discreet eye candy, making you the envy of every other man. Speaking of envy... how about taking the ladies for a day at the spa? The Netherlands offers some very luxurious mixed spa options. Imagine going there with these two lovely naked ladies on your side...