Rate change at our high class escortservice

Rate change at our high class escortservice

Rate adjustments for our High Class Escort Service: A new chapter

Every year we delve deeply into the rates of our high class escort service to ensure that we remain competitive. Last year we noticed that our rates, although 'competitive', had become somewhat low compared to our competitors. This gap has only widened over the past year, so we have decided to adjust our rates.

This revision brings our prices back in line with what you can expect in our industry - still competitive, but now firmly in line with the market. Regarding the rate increases, we would like to emphasize that they benefit our high class escorts, not our profits. It is essential that we offer attractive wages to attract the best talent. With us, more than 65% of the rate goes directly to the escort, which is far above the norm. With these adjustments we increase that percentage even more.

Rates excluding travel costs: Transparency and flexibility

The most important change is that our rates now exclude travel costs. Furthermore, the rates remain largely the same. For bookings outside the escort's place of residence, a surcharge of €1 per kilometer applies from the escort's location to the booking location, rounded up to the nearest ten. As a result of this travel allowance, many of our escorts have chosen to offer more flexibility regarding minimum booking duration. This results in a lower minimum booking duration for some escorts and destinations.

Our escorts have the freedom to choose their preferred travel method, which has always been the case, but we now want to be extra transparent about this. In addition to the travel expenses, a surcharge of €100 will be charged if your high class escort travels by public transport and cannot travel back after booking, or if your high class escort travels by car and the outward journey takes place during peak hours and your booking is 5 hours or shorter. This surcharge replaces the higher minimum booking for bookings that require travel during peak hours. You can find all this information in each escort's profile. We use public sources such as Google Maps to determine travel distance, travel time during rush hour and public transport options. If a small adjustment to your starting time or booking duration can save you this surcharge, we will let you know so that you can consider this option.

The travelexpenses you pay go entirely to your high class escort. These are seen as income on which your escort must also pay taxes. As a result, these travelexpenses are only a very modest compensation for the costs your escort incurs in traveling to and from your booking.

The magical limit of 250 kilometers

The aforementioned travel costs apply to bookings within a distance of 250 kilometers. We consider bookings outside this area as international bookings, for which we arrange the trip for the escort and prepare a customized quote, as you are used to from us. This means that bookings within these 250 kilometers but just outside the Netherlands are no longer considered international bookings.

Dinner dates and overnights

The 4-hour lunch option is no longer available for Dinner Dates, but we are introducing longer dinner dates where a shorter dinner is combined with a cultural excursion, such as a theater visit. The 20-hour overnight package is adjusted to 18 hours at the request of our clients. During an overnight stay it is required that the escort can sleep undisturbed for at least 6 hours. These rates are valid within the new limit of 250 kilometers. Dinner Dates and Overnight Stays remain tied to specific times and require meals to be provided and something fun to be done with the escort outside the home, as before. A booking longer than 18 hours always falls under the standard rates.

Transition period: Transition to new conditions

If you have already placed and confirmed a booking under the 'old' conditions, they will continue to apply to you. The new rates and conditions only apply to bookings from now on. You can submit a request to convert your booking to the new rates and conditions, but this applies to the entire booking. It is not possible to choose a combination of old conditions with new rates, or vice versa. If you do not make a request and cancel or move your booking, the new rates and conditions will apply to your new booking.


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