Private and anonymous

Privacy and discretion; how to remain anonymous when booking an high class escort

We are very clear about our policy; it is not possible to book an escort at our high class escortservice, without providing your full real name. With one exception, which we will explain blow. We ask for your full real name as a safety measurement towards our escorts. To us, it's only natural to know who our lovely, but mostly young, escorts are spending time with. This requires mutual trust. You need to trust us your details are safe with us. We need to trust you our escorts are safe with you. Providing your full real name is only a natural part of that.

But then last week the annual Quote500 was published, a magazine listing the 500 richest men and women in The Netherlands. Last year the publication was provided to me at the fancy launch party of the magazine, but this year, I picked up my edition at the local super marked. When standing in line at the cash register I looked around, wondering how many other "madams" would be purchasing the magazine to check how many names in it they would recognize. If it weren't for the discretion issue I would instantly hire someone to cold call his or her way through the list. Which made me wonder. If I would be in the Quote500, or prominent in any other way, would I just call an escortservice and tell them my full real name? Probably not.

Providing my intention is not to hide my identity because I want to treat the escort poorly, but merely to avoid gossip, I would want an escortservice to respect my extra discretion requirements. I would understand their need to protect the safety of the ladies, but would expect the escortservice to have at least some sort of procedure in place for "people like me" that allows them to keep their escorts safe and comfortable, as well as their clients. I would of course understand this is a special service, which might involve some extra charges and requirements.

Luckily, we do indeed have such procedures in place, even though it's not at all uncommon for prominent clients to call us and provide their real name without hesitation. Some clients require us to sign nondisclosure agreements, others book through a mediating person, who then introduces the escort to the actual client. Usually these type of procedures require a lot of time in preparation though. So what if you're looking to book an high class escort the same evening but still require extra discretion? Here's how it is done.

Discussing your preferences

We will discuss your preferences. Which escorts do you like? Where would you like to meet them? What kind of privacy and anonymity do you require? Which information are you comfortable providing and which not? Based on this we will make a suggestion, including an estimate of the rate.

Prepayment for the escortservice

To ensure you are serious about your request, the first thing that needs to be arranged is a payment. Experience has shown most inquiries for anonymous bookings are not serious and only result in us running around and making arrangements, for nothing. We've looked into several options to pay anonymously and there are very few. Prepaid creditcards for example offer privacy, but not anonymity. When using a prepaid creditcard, your name will not show up on our statements but when registering such a card you do still need to provide identification, therefore the payment method is not anonymous. At the end of the day, the only really anonymous payment method is cash. You can send your driver, taxi or Uber to us with an envelop containing the funds for at least a 3 hour Companionship Only booking and any expenses involved such as location expenses. We are almost always located somewhere in the Randstad area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht).

Making arrangements

After we've received your prepayment, we will book the escort and look into the most discreet location for you and the escort to meet at. For safety reasons, the first few hours of your booking will take place in public, during which the escort can decide if she's comfortable enough to join you in private. Given that you require extra discretion, we can imagine sitting in a busy restaurant with your escort is not an option. We therefore offer a variety of private dining options throughout The Netherlands. If you can not leave any paper trails of your booking, we can even pay your wining, dining and hotel bills from the prepayment provided by you. When returning to a more private location with your escort, we can arrange for one of our incall locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Alternatively, a member of our staff can check into a hotel and provide you with the keycard. The staff member will check the hotelsuite at the end of the booking for any damages. If even private dining is not an option, you can start your booking at our incall location or the hotelsuite where a member of our staff will introduce you to the escort and remain present for the first few hours, until the escort is comfortable enough to be with you in private. Needless to say, your prepayment must include the fee for the time of the staff member as well.

During the booking with the high class escort

You will spend the first few hours with the high class escort in public, or in the company of a staff member, getting to know one an other. The more information you are comfortable providing beforehand, the better. It will make it easier for us and the escort to trust you. Your prepayment includes the fee for up to three hours of Companionship Only with the escort, and all expenses involved. If, after a few hours the escort indicates she is comfortable enough to move to a more private setting, you are asked to provide the remaining of the payment. The rate for the entire booking is recalculated based on the Private Date rate and the remaining can be paid in cash, after which the booking will continue in private.

After the booking with the high class escort

After your first booking with us, you are provided with a client number and alias. These are the details you can provide for your next booking. Assuming the escort you have already met gave us a positive review on you, a Companionship Only period is no longer required for your next bookings. However, if you want us to make arrangements which require extra expenses, you are still required to provide a prepayment to cover those expenses. Experience has shown most of such clients are comfortable enough providing their personal details after their first experiences with our company. And for those in a position that no paper trail can lead back them, are more than happy to spend a bit more for this extra service we offer. To enable easier bookings, larger cash prepayment up to 15K can be made to be used on future bookings, if we are confident the nature of the transaction is not suspicious.


The blog above was written in 2015. As of October 2016, the above is no longer valid. Anonymous bookings are no longer possible at our escortservice, also not when the above requirements are met. Experience has unfortunately taught us that gentlemen who prefer to remain anonymous do not honor their commitments. We have repeatably freed our time to discuss the preferences, booking details and set up meetings to accept the required prepayment, to then find out the other anonymous does not take these commitments seriously. This has resulted in a new policy; anonymous bookings are no longer possible. If you do not want to provide your full real name and meet our requirements, we can not be of any assistance. No exceptions are made. Our high class escortservice has been around for over a decade and has held up an excellent reputation all this time, based on professionalism and discretion. That deserves your trust.