Late night escortservice

Book an escort late in the evening

Our office is opened daily between 10.00 AM and 22.00 PM (ten in the evening). During these hours we are able to process your booking request, for the same day, or any other day.

About our opening hours

We understand. You've been busy all day with work, directly followed by a business dinner. When you get back in your room you get yourself a drink and decide you are interested in some female companionship. You do a little search on the internet, remember our company from your positive previous experiences or were referred to us through someone you know. By the time you've checked out our website and give us a call it will easily be 9.00 PM.

High class escorts available in the late evening

Some of our escorts, but not all, are also available for bookings placed in the late evening, for that same evening. If available, they will accept bookings until ten in the evening. The exact availability can be found in the profile of each escort. If her availability for "night" is listed as YES, she will most likely be available for bookings placed in the late evening. Bookings placed during our opening hours can start at any hour of the day. However, a minimum booking of 3 hours applies to all bookings starting outside our opening hours.

Some extra information on late night bookings

When placing your booking somewhat later in the evening, please keep in mind the following:

Notice: No matter what time you place your booking, it will take at least 1 to 1.5 hours before one of our escorts can arrive. Bookings within the hour are never possible at Society Service.

Limited choice: Only a small amount of escorts will be available for last minute bookings placed later in the evening. Your choice will therefore be limited. If you want more choice, we recommend you place your booking well in advance, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

Location: Most of the escorts available for last minute bookings placed later in the evening are based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Last minute late night bookings outside these cities are less available.

Minimum booking time: Bookings starting outside our opening hours (after 22.00 PM or before 10.00AM) require a minimum of 3 hours. Overnight bookings are preferred.

Behavior: It might be close to bedtime but this does not mean you can grope your escort the minute she walks in. Please be a gentleman, treat her like a lady and with the same respect and patience you would at any other time. We kindly ask you to refer from calling our escortservice when you are under the influence of drugs or large amounts of alcohol. Sober up and call an other time.

Hotel policy: Most hotels close their doors around 11.00PM. No matter how discreetly she dresses, any single female walking into the hotel will be stopped by reception. They will verify her visit with you. Depending on the hotel policy and staff member this will either be done very discreetly or not so much. We therefore recommend you meet your high class escort outside in front of the hotel.