Menstruation and high class escorts

Menstruation and high class escorts

How does that actually work with an escortservice; menstruation

The majority of our female high class escorts and female clients are in an age category in which they normally menstruate. In this blog we tell you more about what you should take into account when it comes to menstruation and bookings with a high class escort.

In addition to the fact that women menstruate on average about 5 days per month, interim vaginal blood loss is always possible. The body can do this spontaneously, but it can also be triggered by harder penetrative sex or minor damage to the vaginal wall during fingering. Because many people find blood loss during sex unpleasant, we request both our escorts and clients not to schedule bookings on the days when menstruation is heaviest. But to what extent someone responds to this request is ultimately a personal choice.

How can blood loss be prevented during booking?

Many of our high class escorts use forms of contraception, which means they no longer have menstrual periods, or hardly any at all. The most common contraceptive methods are the pill, which can be used without stop week to reduce menstruation, or a hormonal IUD, which almost completely prevents menstruation. In addition to blood loss due to menstruation, you can also lose some blood unexpectedly and without cause. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about this. Blood loss that is caused during sex can be prevented, for example by having sex in a different position so that penetration is less deep, by using more lubricant and by ensuring that the hands and fingers are very well cared for.

What if there is blood loss during the booking?

Fortunately, the risk of an STD is not higher because you only have sex with a condom. Although the use of a dental dam is not normally necessary, this will be the case when oral sex is performed on a vagina where there is visible bleeding. If blood loss is noticed during the booking, try to remain as calm as possible and first ask whether the person with blood loss is in any pain or discomfort. That's the most important thing. After this has been ruled out, the lovemaking can be continued in various ways, probably after you have freshened up.

Use a towel: Don't let the blood loss bother you. Place a towel on the bed to protect the linens and continue where you left off. Then take a nice shower and all is good.

Sex in the shower: An exciting alternative is to continue the lovemaking in the shower. Any blood loss will then no longer be visible. Be careful, because the reliability of a condom decreases.

Use a soft tampon: A soft tampon is a sterile sponge that the woman inserts into the vagina. This sponge, just like a tampon, stops the blood. You will not feel or see the sponge during sex. These are therefore also very suitable for sauna visits during menstruation. We recommend the soft tampons from the Beppy brand.

End the booking prematurely: Of course not the nicest option, but if you notice significant vaginal blood loss during the booking, the booking can be terminated prematurely. This is handled in the same way as reporting sick during the booking. Discuss this immediately with your escort, she will contact us about this.


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