Visit a comedy club with your escort

Visit a comedy club with your escort

Looking for a nice evening? Take your high class escort to a comedy club!

Perhaps it’s not the first place you think about when you go on a date with a high class escort from Society Service, but do you know what’s an absolute amazing destination to know each other better? The comedy club! Both Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam offer different clubs where you and the escort can enjoy delicious food, fine drinks and of course amusing comedians from Holland and the rest of the world. In our view the comedy club is the perfect place to break the ice, because in addition to sex-appeal, ingenuity and a divine body, the escorts from Society Service have a great sense of humor!

Comedy club in Amsterdam with a high class escort

Amsterdam is the city where all the action is, especially in the cultural field. Besides all the amazing museums, theatres, restaurants and cafes, in the capital of Holland there are also numerous comedy clubs where you and the high class escort from Society Service can spent a wonderful time. From all the comedy clubs Toomler is probably the most famous. The well-known theatre café is right beside Hotel Hilton and is the home base for the comedians of Comedytrain, the stand-up comedy company from Holland for over twenty-five years. Another well-known comedy club in Amsterdam is Boom Chicago, situated on the Rozengracht. Like Toomler, Boom Chicago is an established name in the world of comedy. Throughout the years, the club has featured the biggest comedians worldwide. Good to know: unlike Toomler, Boom Chicago is focused on English-speaking comedians.

Comedy club in Rotterdam with a high class escort

If there is one other city who has proved to be a cultural center, it’s definitely Rotterdam. Rotterdam is hot and happening. Also when it comes to comedy, the harbor city is a very interesting option. Besides the normal comedy programming in the theatres, the real comedy lovers also will be satisfied. In theatres like De Machinist, Theater Zuidplein, Islemunda, RAAF and Theater Walhalla, there are regularly shows with both domestic and international comedians. Nowadays pop temple Rotown also offers comedy evenings, where you also can have an excellent casual dinner by the way. Summarized your date could be as follows: the evening starts with fun and laughter, followed by a delicious dinner for two, and ultimately you and the gorgeous escort will end the wonderful evening with a sexy spectacle between the sheets at your hotel. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?