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A little more about high class escort Sofia

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our elegant high class escort Sofia, who shares with you a special erotic fantasy.

"It's one of the biggest clichés: hot steamy sex in the elevator. It's quite unrealistic and practically speaking infeasible to do because, well... Sex in the elevator? I'm not really sure. It sounds more erotic than it probably is. And yet it fascinates me immensely. Yes... If I ever may experience this in my life then I'm ready to die. And this is just one of many fantasies I have that make me tremble with desire: In a luxurious hotel, a man and a woman cross paths. The lady is seductive, they have a huge gravitation towards each other. Her silk dress hugs her body beautifully. It accentuates her buttocks. Her breasts are nice and perky. Hungry, glistering eyes are looking at him. He can't take his eyes of her. She's a piece of art, really. Pure beauty. Both keep eye contact a little bit too long. Both know what is about to happen. The man is checking her out, head to toe. That butt, her shiny hair. That lady... Just before she steps into the elevator and the doors close, he pulls a short sprint and pulls her into the elevator. For a moment they stand still. Her mesmerizing eyes look at him somewhat frightened. He presses the button with his free hand as he wraps his other hand around her neck. The door closes. What follows is a passionate kiss. A short moment she's resisting: what should she think about this? But before she can even say something, he reassures her with his soft and gentle touches. His hands make her feel desirable. He pushes her firmly against the wall. The only thing she can do now, is surrender to him. She follows his rhythm, pushes his hot body firmly against hers. Hands and lips are exploring each others bodies. Both are getting captivated by feelings of horniness. Her body screams for his touches. His body only wants to caress her soft, warm skin. He kisses her neck, breasts, belly, more... Her feelings are a mixture between excitement, confusion, horniness and ecstasy. Meanwhile, the electronic voice of a woman echoes through the elevator: "first floor"....."Second floor". It's almost ironic. He gets up and almost aggressively turns her around, her face against the wall and has his way with her. Tenth floor. Thee door opens. They give each other a passionate last kiss before they each go their own way."

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