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A little more about high class escort Saskia

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our elegant and beautiful high class escort Saskia, who will tell you a little bit more about the Virgin Experience. The Virgin Experience is a special service at our high class escortservice, for clients that have very little to no experience with sexuality. High class escort Saskia is a very suitable escort for this type of booking, due to her sweet and caring personality. She has the talent to make everybody feel at ease and relax in her company. She answers the questions and concerns she is most often asked about the Virgin Experience.

Virgin Experience with high class escort Saskia

As a high class escort I get to meet very different types of people, with different personalities and backgrounds. This variation is what makes it so incredibly fun! One of my favorite and most special services I provide is the Virgin Experience, for men with little or no sexual experience. You’ll never forget your first time! It's an honor to share such a special experience with someone. There is no other type of booking that allows me to see men transform so quickly. From nervous, shy and insecure men to confident men, who easily approach women. 

For some men it just never happened. Sometimes because they are shy and do not know how to approach a lady. Over the years they get more insecure. Some men do have experience, but feel insecure about their performance in the bedroom and want to learn how to become a better lover. Whatever the reason is, it's not something to be ashamed of and fortunately, Society Service offers you the opportunity to do something about it. Nevertheless, I realize it can be very exciting to make the decision. Therefore, I would like to answer a few common questions:

What if I'm too nervous?

Being nervous is completely understandable. You will spend time with a lady you don’t know yet and you do not know exactly what to expect. As soon as the ice is broken, that strained feeling will disappear. I often hear people feel at ease with me quickly. In addition, it may help to place a somewhat longer booking so there is more time to pleasantly build up the intimacy.

What if I can not hold a conversation?

Just by doing it, it becomes easier. When I’m with someone who might feel shy, I will do everything to make him feel comfortable. This can be done in different ways. Everyone has something interesting to talk about and I am sincerely interested in others. You certainly do not have to be afraid to say, ask or do something wrong. You will see it goes effortless. 

What should I do?

I assume you're having trouble taking initiative if you have little or no experience, which is why I will take the lead during our entire time together. I will make sure we get the best out of it. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong. It's not about a performance.  It’s about the experience.

What if I orgasm too quickly?

You might not believe me, but the opposite might probably be the case. Nerves can cause your body to respond differently than you expect. A vagina also gives a very different type of stimulation than you are used to. It takes time to adjust to this kind of stimulation. This may cause you to take longer until you reach an orgasm. Besides that, I know different techniques to postpone an orgasm. However if it all goes quicker than you would have liked, despite all this, then that’s not bad at all. It leaves more time to teach you all about a woman’s body and how to become a great lover. Who can teach you better?

What if I fail to get an erection?

The more pressure you put on it, the more difficult it becomes. I know it may be easier said than done, but try to let it go. When I notice you are having trouble getting or holding an erection, I will try to remove the pressure by changing the focus. For example, by doing other exciting things you do not need an erection for. I often notice this really helps and after a while we can continue.

What if it fails?

Forget what you see in porn movies and do not set your expectations too high. You will not become a pornstar overnight, but practice makes perfect. It is always possible to book another appointment. There is so much to discover!

So what are you waiting for? Remember what they say: no guts, no glory. Face your fears and try this very special (first) experience. Then you will sure know what all the fuss is about. I would be very pleased to introduce you into one of life's greatest pleasures."

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