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A little more about high class escort Rose

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our sexy and curvy high class escort Rose, who shares with you a little bit more about how much she loves international destinations.

"Before I became a high class escort, I lived in the foreign countries as a student. Life needs to be lived, and an adventure to the foreign land is part of that. So, on my black heels and in my tight summer dress I left with my golden suitcases by my side to the beautiful Asia where I ended up in Singapore. Here I would enjoy myself the upcoming months and spend my days on work, studies but most importantly fun and adventure.

The atmosphere in Singapore is in one word fantastic. Every day when I woke up I would take a nice warm shower and start my morning ritual. Make-up on, pencil skirt on with my silk shirt, and then I would be walking out the door in my heels to my favorite teashop where they sold fresh green tea. It was the kind of working dynamic you can only find in big cities which attracted me. Men in their suits who would have passionate business calls on the subway, or women in their work outfits who would quickly change their shoes from sneakers to working pumps; to me it was a dream, a woman from a small country that was living and working in a big city.

But it was all about the nights and days I was not spending on work that made my adventure magical. For example: when I would go out with my roommates. The evening always started with a meal at the local market where they would serve the best local food. After that I would head home and take a nice warm and long shower. I would wash my hair and soap my whole body in with my favorite shower foam which made my skin feel like silk. After the shower I would rub my body in with oil to give it a glistering effect. While the oil was soaking up, I put on my favorite red lingerie set and parade through the room, thinking of what I was going to wear that night. After a search in my closet I decided to wear a black dress which accentuated my butt and showed a little bit of cleavage, together with my black heels of course.

After I was ready it was time to go down where the chauffeur was waiting to bring me and my roommates to the sky bar. The sky bar was at the 60th level of our favorite hotel and gave an astonishing view of the city. The first round of cocktails was served by our favorite waiter in the bar. More rounds of cocktails were served and we enjoyed the atmosphere, the lights that made the city look alive and the music that was played in the bar. The waiter came to me with a glass of champagne which I did not order and told me the gentleman in the lounge wanted to offer the drink to me. When I followed the finger of the waiter my eyes saw a Singaporean business man sitting in the lounge, he was tall and had muscular shoulders with a confident attitude. Intrigued and curious I walked up to him, my blonde hair going through my fingers before I introduced myself and thanked him for the drink. A game of flirting had started where I would sometimes let my fingers run over the inner parts of his thigh while he would play with my hair. We talked all the places that we visited and all the places that we still wanted to visit.

After the sky bar he asked me to go to a bar in another hotel where his friends had VIP table reserved. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night with him. I was still doubting, because I knew there was a long bus ride waiting for me the following morning that would take me to the blue oceans and white beaches of the Malaysian islands. He let his fingers run through my hair when put his hand in my neck and gave me a passionate kiss that sealed the deal. He convinced me. Life needs to be lived, and I am not saying no to an evening of passionate love making."

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