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A little more about high class escort Rose

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our athletic high class escort Rose from Rotterdam, who tells you a little bit more about herself and her reasons for wanting to work as an high class escort at Society Service.

"Hi there sweet reader,

My name is Rose and I am a student at the University. This means that a major part of my week comprises of studying, learning how to deal with new techniques and getting more experience in my field of study. This field, the bèta sciences, are often considered to be filled with dull people. Well, I hope I am someone who can break this stigma! On so many occasions I hear from new people I meet that I come across as a sweet and innocent girl. However, once people get to know me, they tell me that I am very different from how they imagined me to be... They learn that I am a confident and intelligent woman. And that I've got a cheeky side to my personality....

Flirting has got to be one of my biggest hobbies and I enjoy it every day. From giving a cheeky smile to the guy who is sitting opposite to me in the train on the way to school, to the little touch I give someone that I am chatting with in the gym. However, when someone really catches my attention, he or she will notice for sure. Flirting becomes seducing... my smile goes from cheeky to seductive and my touches become more intimate. Flirting is something I can do with everyone, but for seduction a connection is needed. When I do have such a connection with someone, it is a wonderful game to play with and arouse each other untill one of us cannot handle the excitement anymore and makes the first move. From thereon, the world seems like it exists of only the two of us and time seems to fly. Don't you agree that these moments are the most amazing, when you don't even know what exactly you are doing and how. Your bodies just flow into each other and you achieve a climax which sends lightning bolts throughout your body?

Even better are the moments when you anticipated such a moment to come around. Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, strawberries could be ready to lick and eat from each other. Or maybe a warm bath with candles and scented oil. Of course, these attributes are not necessary, just a bed will suffice, but how amazing would it be to make these moments perfect. In such a way that days, weeks, years from then, you will still feel the lightning bolts gushing through your body, just as you felt them at that exact moment?

This addiction I have for these types of moments are the reason that I applied at Society Service. I hope to experience many of those moments with sweet, adventurous and passionate gentlemen who are open for this. Would you still see me as a sweet and innocent girl after reading this? Of course, I am still a student and curious for new information, experiences and ways to feed my addiction. And for the coming years, I am definitely not planning on doing anything to get rid of this addiction....


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