High class escort Lauren in Sydney Australia

High class escort Lauren in Sydney Australia

High class escort Lauren is in Australia

It is probably no news to you that our high class escorts love to travel. They regularly pack their suitcase for bookings as well as for work, study and private life. Lauren is an adventurous and travel-loving high class escort and another wonderful journey is now starting for her. She will be based in Sydney, Australia for the coming months.

In this blog, Lauren tells you more about the locations she would like to visit during her stay in Australia. Just to answer a few practical questions; Lauren is available for shorter bookings in Sydney and the surrounding area during her stay. The other destinations that are accessible from here by a short flight require Lauren to spend at least the night with you, or arrive on the first flight and travel back to Sydney on the last flight.

Lauren talks about her trip to Australia

"Last summer I worked in various places in the hospitality industry. I found this a welcome change, after having often been in an environment where people struggle with serious problems for my studies to become a psychologist. Yet this change in working environment has assured me that working as a psychologist is really my passion. Another great passion of mine is traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. Several people around me have been asking me for years: "Isn't Australia something for you?" This always stayed in the back of my mind, until I suddenly thought: why not combine my passions? I am therefore very excited to inform you that I will be staying in Sydney for the next six months. I am looking forward to moving to a new place, living and working there and being able to experience what life is like in Australia. Everything in Australia will be new for me, there is so much to discover! And since exploring together is more fun than alone, I have come up with a few potential date ideas..."

Romance in the Hunter Valley

As one of Australia's oldest and best-known wine regions, the Hunter Valley, just a few hours' drive from Sydney, is a perfect place for a date. Visiting beautiful vineyards together, enjoying delicious wines and culinary food in a picturesque setting... It doesn't get more romantic tahn that. If we can't get enough of the surroundings and each other, we can go horseback riding, walking or picnicking in nature the next day. The options seem endless and I think it would be great to discover this place together!

Relaxing in Byron Bay

I love the ocean and everything in and around it. Scubadiving, surfing, sunbathing, swimming and boating: there is nothing I find more relaxing. I completely relax and in places like this I always feel like I am the happiest, funniest and sexy version of myself. In addition, Byron Bay is a place where health and well-being are of great imporatance. I love visiting wellness centers and if I'm not relaxed enough yet, I look for a nice yoga/meditation studio. Even though I don't mind spening time alone, it can be just as nice to be in like-minded company on a relaxed trip like this... Are you coming with me?

Nature and adventure in Uluru

Uluru is an iconic rock formation in the Australian outback and a sacred place for the indigenous Anangu people. In and around Uluru you can enjoy a variety of culture and activities. And if you know me, you probably know that I don't shy away from an adventure! There are various options for (luxurious) camping in the national park, we can experience the area from a hot air balloon or if you really dare, even skydiving is possible! Not a thrill seeker but do enjoy something active? There are several hiking trails around Uluru and the sunset (and sunrise) is said to be amazing.


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