High class escort Julia

A little more about high class escort Julia

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our mature and elegant high class escort Julia, who shares with you a little bit more about what she enjoys as an high class escort.

"I'm relatively new in this world of mysticism, eroticism and passion, but I must say that I felt at home straight away. For a long time, I had been fantasizing what it is about to be here. The excitement, the unknown and the adventure level, discover a new world in which I can feel all feminine. This idea appealed to me very long time. The desirable woman who I always was inside, but not yet fully dared to show. Just as special as exclusive moments experienced by a nice man, no expectations afterwards, a blistering shared experience, always with a sense of mutual respect. I knew deep down that it would suit the woman I am. Together in the illusion in disappearing in time, and live our dreams. Can you think of anything more exciting?

Whether we go to an important or nice dinner, you desire a girlfriend for the evening or if you want to bring out a thrilling fantasy, it is obvious to me that I prepare myself and that we have a wonderful time together. Whether it's small talk or just depth, by my life experience, broad interest and training I know my way in every setting and situation. 

I love it when you're a gentleman, that we can have nice conversations and that there is some time to explore each other. The exclusive nature of our being together makes us even forget everything around us and we escape from your daily life. All that matters is still the present, the here and we.

In my fantasy it can go something like this: I walk down the hall of the place where you and I have agreed. In my briefcase I put some exciting stuff before I went home. You know, finally, but never whether they come in handy. Of course I brought massage oil with me, but you would be surprised with the other exciting things I brought. Under my dress I am wearing exciting, stylish black lace lingerie with suspenders, selected just for you. Somehow I feel almost a secret agent. The clerk, a neighbour in the elevator, a random passenger, I smile kindly and innocent to them, if they would only know ... Just a few more steps and I am at the door of your room. And I fantasize. What do you look like? How does your voice sound? How do your arms feel around me? Your body against mine. My pulse quickens. The tension. Do you feel it? I am almost near you. My hand goes to the door. I knock softly but audible to you. I hear you approaching. Then you open the door. Our cross glances. We laugh, naughty. Our adventure is about to begin...

I look forward to meeting you and to discover who you are. Love and kiss, Julia xxx"

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