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A little more about high class escort Jade

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our athletic and mature high class escort Jade from the Gooi area (between Amsterdam and Utrecht), who tells you a little bit more about herself and her fantasies about working as an high class escort at Society Service.

"My day... starts with subdued light. After waking up I fill up my bathtub to let mij body slide slowly into the delicous hot water to massage every inch of my body with bath oil, all warm, wet and soft. After that I put on my most beautiful lingerie... and step into my suit. As a personal assistant I make sure my boss is totally spoiled by me. First I make him breakfast, after which I give a relaxing massage. Then he is ready to start the day. We read and answer the email messages, correspondence. In the afternoon we have oysters with champagne for lunch in a fantastic but intimate restaurant. Afterwards we see to it that all business is taken care of to end the working day with a nice Chablis.

At home I totally undress myself... to put on my sportgear. At the club I have my regular people who want my personal attention and instructions on the sporting devices. I touch their bodies so that I can feel they are using the right muscles. The last hour I work up a sweat with my group of members. In my shorts and super tight top I punish everybody who is not working hard enough and I whip whoever is not working hard enough. After my class I pull off my sporting clothes to enjoy the sauna untill the drops of sweat curl off my body like little pearls. Completely relaxed I drive back home to play a little with myself to fall asleep totally satisfied.

In my dream there is this charming, attractive and intelligent man. He is a very busy man with little time for relaxation. He has called Society Service to ask for an exciting, fun loving and sexy date. It's his plan to totally spoil his date. He picks her up at the hotel to take her with him to the private jet, she is going on a business trip with him. Her wildest desire is to have sex in a plane... Ofcourse they drink champagne after which they indulge eachother and have the most amazing sex. After arriving at the destination they cannot get enough of one another. The next morning he has an important business meeting, his gorgeous date will wait for him at the beach. The business meeting has been succesful and this succes is celebrated in a recently opened restaurant and the hotel room. Slowly I wake up because of the sound of my mobile phone.. Society Service is calling to tell me I will be picked up that evening, I am going on a business trip..."

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