High class escort Charlotte from Amsterdam

High class escort Charlotte from Amsterdam

High class escort Charlotte about her very first bookings

On average we welcome one or two high class escorts to our team every month. They are introduced only in our member section and visible for members eligable to meet our newest high class escorts. Therefore, we hope you are delighted with this sneak peek, until Charlotte is introduced to our general gallery of high class escorts.

Charlotte has told us a bit more about her very first bookings as a high class escort and how excited she is to gain more experience. This young lady appears to have all it takes to become an outstanding high class escort!

Charlotte about her first experiences as a high class escort

"The moment I had been anticipating was finally here: my first booking. It had been months of excitement and careful planning: shopping for seductive lingerie, silky tops, dresses that hug my slender frame. The night before, I had laid out what I was going to wear and packed my bag, ticking off the list of toys I was going to bring. In the morning, I woke up early, took a long and luxurious shower, styled my curls, and took my time to apply my make-up, painting my lips a dark plum. 

Strangely, the nerves I’d had dissipated as soon as I stepped out of the car. Perhaps it was the way my high heels and pencil skirt made me feel sexy and powerful. I sashayed into the lobby. My client spotted me and walked over to me smiling. I felt an exciting sense of tension and excitement spark between us.

Somehow, it was just as easy as I’d imagined; I love meeting new people and getting to know them. Exploring their interests, their passions, and their life history (if they care to tell). In particular, I am excited by the idea that I will be intimate with someone I’ve just met. There’s something so thrilling about the idea that one moment you’re talking about your favourite books (I love modern English literature), and the next second you’re stripping off your clothes and pressing your skin together.

One thing that surprised me from my first few bookings was how much pleasure I experienced. Naively, I had thought that being an escort would be hard work; that I would always be the ‘active’ one, working to please the client. But that has been far from the truth — and perhaps more often the other way around. I’ve loved the amount of care and attention clients have showered on me, as well as their prowess as lovers. I also adore lying in their arms, perhaps between rounds of sex, melting into relaxation and mutual comfort. 

I often crave this relaxation as I’m very active in my daily life. I have a lot of energy and love to go for long, high-paced walks (people often tell me I’m impossible to keep up with), and I need to the gym regularly to feel sane. The idea of making my booty even rounder also motivates me to go more regularly…

Plus, I also feel the need to exercise regularly, because in my everyday life as a researcher, I spend quite a lot of time sitting at my laptop. As a person with ADHD, I can find it hard to concentrate. So often, while I’m sitting working, I entertain myself with saucy fantasies to keep myself alert. In particular, I like fantasies in which I have sex with older men, particularly in situations that feel somewhat taboo. It’s thus no great surprise why I was drawn to escorting…!

I also notice that I am very sensitive to sexual energy. In my work I do get to meet a lot of new people. But to me it feels a little boring now to meet new people without having the opportunity to get naked with them and explore their bodies…! There is something very delicious about getting to know someone’s body for the first time, finding out what turns them on, where and how they like to be touched. For me, when engaged in this mutual exploration, I can totally forget the passing of time.

My first few bookings have also taught me a lot about how to create an erotic atmosphere. From lighting candles to putting on a sultry playlist, to performing a drawn-out striptease. I love how sexy and feminine my lingerie and suspenders make me feel; how thrilling it is to be watched and desired. An experience I would like to try next is undressing another escort in a duo booking and slowly teasing and turning on a client…"


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