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Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our sexy and curvy high class escort Angie, who shares with you a little bit more about how much she loves new adventures.

"I can conclude, looking back on my life so far, that I'm an adventurer. I've seen almost all continents including an admirable number of countries. I've always been taught to work hard, so you can enjoy hard. Despite that I like to immerse in luxury I can very enjoy a trek through the jungle, armed with a machete and a hammock where you spend the night under the stars. An adventurer. So one of the most impressive moments of my life; I visited the beautiful Belize.

Packed with a backpack weighing 13 kilos, in which you could find in a few short jeans shorts, flip-flops, bikinis and such. I decided during one of my first days on the island, to go for the first scuba dive in my life. I had always been curious about this. The morning of my dive arrived. I got up early in the morning, which is easy on a tropical island like Belize. The heat, the smell of shells and sea and the sound of the cheerful owner of the hostel who was sweeping the yard. A small friendly group had gathered at the entrance of the dive shop. The only thing we waited for was the dive instructor. This was quite normal for Belize habitants, which you soon found out after arriving on the island. Between the palm trees and at a relaxed pace our dive instructor appeared; Juan.

Juan looked like he had spent most of his life on a surfboard. Bleached hair, tanned skin, naturally muscular body and the most beautiful green eyes that all the ladies in our group (as it turned out) had seen. Obviously, Juan was a first-class charmer. The dive that day was breathtakingly beautiful. During the dive you find yourself in another world. Extraterrestrial seems. And Juan flirted abundantly with me. Fortunately, I also speak the language of flirting and love. And that was one of the things I had planned to do during my trip. The following days a real romance flourished between Juan and me. A strong physical romance. During which you undress each other all day with your eyes, I was serenaded with guitar, salsa dancing on white sand beaches at sunset and during the day hot mindless sex at all possible and impossible places. Against palm trees, fine sand, drifted in coral, under deafening waterfalls and even at the bottom of the sea.

During one of his days off we decided to make a dive together. We gathered our gear, loaded it into the boat and went to a place that he didn't want to reveal anything about. After we prepared ourselves for the dive, we fell back into the deep water. Through hand gestures he made clear to me that we would directly go deeper until we got to the bottom. We both were sitting in tailor sitting on the bottom. Obviously waiting for something, which I still did not know what it was. After a dozen minutes a silhouette appeared from the depths, that moved gracefully over us and looked stunning with the backlight of the surface. Slowly appeared more and more and with a broad smile I watched how a school of about 200 hammerhead sharks swam above us. This instantly became the number one most memorable moments in my life. After the school was gone again we remained there for some wonderful lovemaking. How many people can say they have had sex at the bottom of the ocean? I can only imagine, not a lot. I'm curious about your most memorable moment. Angie Xxxx"

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