Gigolos and male escorts in The Netherlands

Gigolos and male escorts in The Netherlands

Launch of our new service: Gigolos and male escorts

The moment has finally arrived. As of today, we are launching our Gigolo Service. In addition to our lovely female escorts, we are now also offering male escorts. Society Service has been around for over twelve years and the first eleven years there where hardly any requests for gigolos.

We did always receive requests from female clients for female escorts, for a lesbian experience. However, during the past year we have seen the amount of requests for male escorts and gigolos grow exponentially, without the service being explicitly offered on our website. Most of the requests are coming from (single) highly educated women. To meet this demand, we have started recruiting nice men since 2016.

Working as a high class gigolo or male escort

The Gigolo Service has been prepared over the past year, in silence. Amongst others, by processing an enormous amount of applications from men. The supply was very high, but unfortunately many applicants where not suitable. Just like with our female escorts, potential gigolos need to meet certain demands, which we have explained on our recruitment page. There are many reasons why a person is not suitable, for example because the man in question is not attractive enough. But being too sex-hungry, too egocentric during the conversation and simply not understanding what women enjoy and find important, are common reasons why an application can be denied.

A varied selection of Dutch gigolos

After well over a year of recruitment, we managed to find over ten gigolos who we welcomed to the team of our high class escortservice. These male escorts are very diverse. From a handsome model in his early twenties, a muscular hunk with a great sense of humor, to a sensitive tantra specialist and a more mature intelligent businessman. The gentlemen hav been photographed, have been introduced to our escorts and our high class escortservice, several of the gigolos has even already gone through several of the trainings. Even though the service has not been explicitly offered on the website, the first bookings with our gigolos have already taken place.

Highly educated businesswomen and couples

Obviously our gigolos visit female clients, who are often highly educated, intelligent, confident and charming business women. Women who know what they want, but also what they don't want. Who do not feel like going to a bar or another datingsite to meet a man, to be disappointed yet again. These ladies have no desire to do so, and as successful educated ladies, neither have the time to do so. These ladies want, just like our male clients, an evening (or more) of uncomplicated enjoyment. They want to spend a wonderful time with an attractive man, who is pleasant company both inside as well as outside the bedroom. Aside from single women, couples are also requesting the company of a gigolo. They have often booked a female escort at Society Service before, and now like the excitement of a threesome with an extra man present. Have we piqued your interest? Then make sure to check out our gigolos and exclusive male escorts.