Fetish and fantasy play with your escort

Fetish and fantasy play with your escort

Fetish and fantasy at our high class escortservice

The clients of our high class escortservice often make special requests, which can be considered fetish or fantasy. For example, a successful business man who booked an escort for a dinnerdate in Amsterdam while wearing women’s lingerie underneath his tailor-made suit during dinner. Or the younger client in Rotterdam who loved to adore and make love to the feet of the escort. The couple, who booked an escort to experiment with pegging. Just to name a few naughty examples.

But not only our clients have a fetish or special fantasy, many of our high class escorts do as well. A few of them tell us a little bit more about it. Update 2024: Unfortunately, the escorts mentioned in this blog no longer work as high class escorts at Society Service and this blog is therefore only for inspiration.

Escort Valerie from Rotterdam likes bondage foot fetish

Everyone who knows me knows that bondage really excites me. Blindfolds or tying me down are things I find super sexy. Just the idea that someone blindfolds and / or ties me and then teases me drives me crazy. You can play with me! An ice cube on my body, a kiss in my neck, a tongue over my lips or a finger on more naughty spots... a delicious and super naughty prelude. Want to play? I also look forward to the day when I meet a person with a foot fetish. Who adores my sweet little feet and pampers them. I will use this person as a tablet o rest my feet on, he will paint my toe nails, kiss my fee and spoil them with the most beautiful shoes.

Escort Lynn from Amsterdam wants some assworshiping

Although my ass isn’t very big I’m quite happy with it. It’s in good shape and likes to be spoiled. That’s why I’ve always wanted to meet someone who likes ass worship. First, I would start with a dance for you, which is getting more and more sexy and focussed on my ass. Slowly we undress me together and after that you can kiss and lick my booty before you start giving me a nice oil massage. We are really warmed up now and I ask you if you would like to try my new anal vibrator together with me...

Escort Sienna from Utrecht likes latex, leather and surprises

It seems fun and exciting to me to meet someone who has a fetish for leather and latex. Let's go together to a special store and I fit and show you various exciting lingerie / dresses. And after deciding on the most beautiful and tight dress, perhaps we can add an exciting role play tot the fun. It also would be very special for me to meet someone who has a very special fantasy, maybe one that I would not think of myself but completely indulge with this fantasy. I love to discover exciting sides of someone, so take me into your most naughty and wildest fantasy!

Escort Lilly from Amsterdam wants to be submissive

My head is bent as I walk in the room. I’m trying not to look at him as I kneel down at the bed, like we agreed earlier. Tonight the tables are turned. My toys are exhibited behind me on a table. The only difference, as my hands are held behind my back like a good girl, that they are there for his picking instead of mine. “Is my hair ok like this?” I ask to get him started. Tide up is better. Obedient I start braiding. My leather skirt squeaks a bit. Behind me I hear his hands go over the materials and the footsteps move my way. I feel an unexpected sensation of soft fabric on my face. Is this ok? he asks as he ties the blindfold. “Yes master”, I answer with excitement in my voice. I feel his confident grow. He asks me to stand up and I follow his order meekly, still holding my hands on my back and my face down. I feel as he takes both time and distance to run his eyes down my body. My skirts needs to come off, he says, but slowly. Slower, Still slower. Excruciatingly slow my ass becomes visible for him as I move my skirt down my stretched legs towards my ankles. I hear him sigh in satisfaction and know that the view more than pleases him. In two steps he is behind me and suddenly I feel a firm flick on one of my butt cheeks. One that sounds harder and it actually was. Let the games begin...

Escort Rose from Rotterdam enjoys a good spanking

As a high class escort I find it really exciting to try different fetishes on my dates. I love it when men are a bit rough with me and I want nothing else than to try new things. There are several fetishes that I like. First of all, I love it when my date dominates me and treats me like the naughty girl that I am. Naughty girls need to be punished and I love it when my date spanks me on my round booty. When he bends me over his knee while I am wearing my sexy lingerie and he starts to spank my round booty, nothing gets me more excited than that. Another fetish that I love is that of being tied up with ropes or handcuffs and that my date then starts teasing me with toys or feathers. I want him to drive me completely crazy and makes me start craving for more. Another fetish that I already tried but would love to explore more is that of a swingersclub or groupsex. The idea of being intimate with different people at the same time in a swingersclub is something that makes me really exciting and which I definitely want to explore more.

Escort Alice from Amsterdam for tall women fetish

Fetishes are as normal as sex and I love it when I meet people that can be openminded about it. It's always fun to explore new ways of sexual pleasure. It's a naughty journey that I'd love to go on with you! One of my favourite fetishes is playing with difference in height. Since I am taller than the average lady you'll meet there are things we and do together that shorter girls can't do. For me it's super exciting to have a threesome with a tall lady like Ella and for example a shorter man. This way Ella and I will be towering above you like goddesses. What I also very much enjoy is a threesome with a tall man and and a petite lady like Helena. It's super exciting to see the different things our man can do to us. Being tall and short both have their own sexy advantages and I'm curious to see how you would play with that.

Escort Alexis from Rotterdam likes to play with BDSM

Sometimes, I like to get a little bit kinky. I play all nice and sweet when we're out in public, but when the bedroom blinds close, a naughty version of me comes out. I like to take my time, dress for the occasion and lay out my toys slowly, one by one. I transform into his mistress and he is my slave for the night. Together we explore the possibilities of my ropes, whips and naughty toys while we engage in a stimulating game of BDSM. It's not only the pleasure of being dominant or submissive, but everything that comes with it. My diamond whip, latex and leather outfits, the view of me in a strapon and with a pair of killer heels... The ultimate fetish is in the details. Even though I enjoy being a domina, I have a submissive side as well. Exploring this fetish more is something that's on my wish list. With the right person I would like to open up to a game in which I'm a sub. He could use my special toys on me while I obey my master's every command. Together we'll find out just how much of a good girl I can be...