Exclusive arrangement

If you want the escort to be with you exclusively

There are several reasons why a client can request the escort to be with him exclusively. During such an exclusive arrangement, she can not be booked by other clients. The most common reason to request an exclusive arrangement, is when you meet an escort that you really enjoy spending time with, and you would like her undivided attention. The escort will be readily available to you for regular date nights, travel with you whenever you desire, and whatever else you desire. Some escorts are willing to pause their studies or daytime job for such an arrangement and be available for you whenever and where ever. Other escorts will request us to lay out boundaries and limits, so their day to day activities do not suffer from such an exclusive arrangement and are combined with being your exclusive companion. This mutually beneficial relationship keeps the no strings attached nature of booking an high class escort, only joys and no burdens so to speak. A few prior bookings are required to established that you have the right chemistry before entering an exclusive arrangement.

Alternatively, you might have fallen in love with one of our high class escorts and no longer wish to share her with other clients. Booking her exclusively will allow you to get to know each other better, without her having to worry about being taken advantage of or wasting her time. The escort will appreciate your support and see that you are seriously interested in her, and not trying to get her "for free". We have already arranged the start of several happy relationships, following an exclusive arrangement. We will take this as a huge compliment, being able to provide such an ultimate match.

If ever you decide you would like to see one of our high class escorts exclusively and want her to be there for you only, please do not embarrass her with the financial side. Address your request to us and we will discuss your particular needs and arrange a bespoke package for you. If everything works out to yours and the escort's satisfaction, our high class escortservice will back of the deal after a few months so you can fully enjoy the relationship without further intervention.