Escort training

Training courses for high class escort

A few times a year we organise trainings for our high class escorts. These trainings improve their skills, broaden their horizons and are a fun way of getting to know the other girls. Becoming an excellent high class escort is not something that happens overnight. Even after being with Society Service for a while, there's always room for improvement. A variety of courses are offered throughout the year. Part of it is rather official and training is provided by institutions such as healthcare providers and police. They teach our ladies how to keep things safe, in many different ways, and of course keep an eye on us. The less official trainings are more practical, but also a lot of fun.

Since our exclusive escorts are excellent company for dinner it makes sense to teach them etiquette. But since after dinner you're most likely interested in an erotic private desert, we also teach our ladies things like sensual erotic massage. Yesterday, we combined a course in tantric techniques with a course in striptease and sensual dancing. I guarantee you, any client would have loved to be present during that day. To see our ladies listening to our tantra expert, and move sensually on their high heels to the music makes for an amazing view.

Tantric techniques with high class escort

We've been offering you the Tantra Experience for a number of years already. In general, tantra is something you practice with a longterm partner. Having said that, there are certainly tantric techniques that can be practiced with new partners that will enhance your sensual and intimate connection during a booking. Our tantra expert has taught our ladies how to connect with you on a deeper level, and offering you a mind-blowing experience, unlike anything you've experienced so far with an escort. With the right client, such a Tantra Experience can most certainly be the superlative of the Girlfriend Experience. Based on this course, we've created some new packages for our clients that can be found at the Tantra Experience.

Striptease, lapdance and sensual dancing

There's a little bit of voyeurism in every person. Why not let this part of you come out and play? The amazing Mona has taught our ladies some amazing moves. You can sit, relax and watch your gorgeous high class escort dance sensually to the music, moving her body to it. She will seduce you with a striptease and lapdance, that will certainly get you in the mood for more. Perhaps needless to say, but our escorts offer private striptease to their clients only and are not available for entertainment at (bachelor)parties. The following of our escorts has taken the striptease course: Valentina, Sofia, Taylor, Tess, Abby, Amber, Faye, Alexis, Megan, Vera, Danique, Zoey, Lynn, Morgan, Audrey, Lisette, Charlotte, Sienna, Mila, Jennifer, Valerie, Belle and Lauren. Will you be their first audience?