Matchmaking preferences

To the man who called us yesterday afternoon

You called us around 15.40 to tell us you are a lawyer and we are doing something illegal. You accused us of discriminating, referring to the preferences our escorts have listed in their profiles regarding which clients in terms of age, nationality and more they do not wish to be matched to. According to you, this was discriminating and it was illegal. You would know, since you are a lawyer and you where going to prosecute us for it and make sure it was published in newspapers around the world. We informed you the preferences have nothing to do with discrimination, it is merely a preference that helps us make a better match, after all, a very personal and intimate experience is expected by our clients. You told us we were wrong and we would be sorry for it. You told us an escort is not a girlfriend, she should offer her services to anybody that's willing to pay for it. You closed your tirade with the comment "but I am not going to get into a discussion with a bunch of prostitutes" and hung up the phone, leaving us with no opportunity to respond.

So here is our response

We are appalled by your point of view, it goes against everything we believe in. Anybody reading the comments of this man and agreeing to them, please never book with us. Our escorts have every right to choose who they want to see as clients and who not. If she does not want to spend time with clients of a certain age, background, nationality, and so on, that is completely up to her. Forcing or obligating her to accept any client infringes on her physical integrity and would in fact be illegal as mentioned in article 11 of the Dutch constitution: Everyone (including "a bunch of prostitutes") shall have the right to inviolability of his person, without prejudice to restrictions laid down by or pursuant to Act of Parliament.

In your opinion, this right to refuse certain clients is discrimination, which is forbidden. According to Dutch law, discrimination means that "an unjustified difference is made in the treatment of people." As discussed above, we most certainly can justify the difference we make. In addition to that, it is not our company that is refusing certain clients, it is a personal choice of the escort. This personal choice can be based on many things. For instance, she does not want to see clients of her own ethnical background, might not feel attracted to a certain type, has had a bad experience in the past outside escorting with a certain type that she does not want to be reminded off and so on.

From the number you where calling from, the sound of your accent and the comments you made regarding UAE law, we assume you are either Arabic or Indian. A few of our escorts do not want to see clients of this background. We understand you are disappointed to see your favorite lady is not open to meeting you. But ask yourself; why would you want to spend time with a lady you know is not very happy to be with you? Wouldn't you rather want to be with an escort that can give everything she has, to give you the best experience possible? Don't you think it is in your best interest as well that a match is made, based on the preferences of all parties involved? Would you really prefer to be with an escort that offers the same, mechanical and structured, impersonal experience to anybody who is willing to pay her rate? To us these are all rhetorical questions.

But speaking of legal and illegal. You told us you will prosecute us and publish your findings in newspapers around the world. May we remind you that making a false declaration is an offense punishable by law (Article 188 of the Penal Code). And ever heard of defamation? It's the punishable communication of a false statement that harms someone's honor and reputation, with the obvious intention to publicize (Article 261 of the Penal Code). Just a few things we wanted to point out to you before you head to the newspapers.