Enforcing discounted rates

How some people try to enforce a discounted rate with fake negative feedback

We recently stumbled upon a forum where a (now ex)client described how he enforced a discounted rate at our high class escortservice. He was recommending others to do the same because he didn't agree to the rates we charge for our services. In his opinion, a job that does not require an education - unlike his job-, should not provide such a salary. We will spare you the rest of his opinions, as they are insulting at the very least. At our request, the comments where removed from the forum, but here is what he described: "Guys I have a great trick on how to get a discount at Society Service. Here's how it's done: I booked a two hour session with one of the girls at my hotel in Amsterdam. Do not try and get a discount when she arrives. You can decline her for whatever reason in the first few minutes, or pay the full requested rate. No bargain option there, trust me I tried. But after the booking you send the agency an email and tell them you where very disappointed and give some reasons. Doesn't matter what, the worse the better. Then you get a reply how sorry they are to read about it, they almost never receive bad feedback and hope to show you they can do better. For the inconvenience they offer a euro 200 discount on the next booking. So that's how it's done. With just 2 emails I got 200 euro's discount."

I am sure you can image we detest such behavior. In all honesty, every now and then we indeed receive negative feedback. We can also honestly say 99% of the feedback we receive is positive, luckily. However disappointing, we take negative feedback very seriously and try to see it as a learning experience, for both us and the escort. At least then, we can get something positive out of a negative thing. If we receive negative feedback, the majority of the reason provided, is that there was just no 'click' with the escort. She didn't do anything wrong, she looked nice, but there was no chemistry, resulting in a mediocre experience. There is little to be done here. On other occasions, the feedback is more precise. For example, the lady smelled of cigarettes, despite the request for her not to smoke before the booking. We discuss such feedback with the escort, listen to her side of the story and take action. Action can be to teach her how to do things differently, or to terminate our cooperation with her as she does not live up to our expectations and those of our clients. To the client who provided the feedback, we try to offer him an explanation, without belittling his experience. Sometimes, feedback can be very unreasonable. For instance, the escort refused unsafe sex with the client and therefore he was not happy. Or when halfway through a couple booking, the woman didn't feel well and demanded we didn't charge for this booking. We listen, we explain, we discuss. And indeed, we occasionally offered a discount at a future booking.

That ends today. We where not aware there are people who provide false negative feedback, to get a discount. It's something that's beyond our imagination. But since there apparently are people as such, we have to take this into consideration. Our solution is simple. We do not offer discounts after receiving negative feedback. Our agency and escorts do our very best, with every single booking, to offer a fantastic experience. If we fail to offer such an experience, we try and improve where ever there is room for improvement. Or in case expectations do not line up with what we can offer, we part ways. That's it.