Can you still book an escort at the moment?

Can you still book an escort at the moment?

The effects of the Corona Virus on our high class escortservice

You have undoubtedly seen it repeatedly in the news; the Corona virus, or COVID-19. A few years ago we were talking about SARS and MERS, now it's about the Corona virus. The virus first came to light in China, roughly at the same time as the protests in Hong Kong, which soon came to a halt. Whether this is a coincidence, we will gladly leave that to your own interpretation. The Corona virus is very similar to the average influenza and with 2% it may be more deadly than the flue, but it is also much less contagious. Whereas so far we are talking about 100,000 Corona virus infections worldwide with over 2,000 deaths, the last influenza epidemic infected 32 million people in the US alone, of whom about 18,000 died. Just like with the flu virus, people with a weakened immune system are especially susceptible to the Corona virus.

Nevertheless, the Corona virus has enormous effects on our society, including business. With our high class escort service, daily bookings are canceled due to the Corona virus. Not so much because people have contracted the virus themselves! But because plans are changed and business trips are canceled, which means that the booking with our high class escortservice need to be cancelled as well. Very disappointed, for us, the client and the high class escort.

Should I be worried about my booking with a high class escort?

Integrity and mutual trust are of great important at our escortservice. It therefore goes without saying that we have to cancel a booking when an escort is sick or does not feel completely fit. This also includes symptoms of a cold or flu, which are also possible signs of the Corona virus. In addition to the Corona virus, we are also dealing with countless flu and cold viruses, all of which are reason enough to cancel a booking. This has always been the case and this has not changed. In our opinion, a high class escort is unable to offer you an ultimate experience when she is not feeling her best, that alone is reason enough to cancel a booking. In addition, we want to limit the risk as much as possible of her being contagious. So you can rest assured that the escort you meet feels completely fit and is free of possible Corona symptoms, and we expect the same from our clients.

Our cancellation policy is already rather lenient, but for cancellations related to the Corona virus we will try to offer you more flexibility where possible, but within reason. We ask that you cancel your booking if you have recently traveled to one of the high risk areas or show any signs of the Corona virus. As always, you can cancel your booking in The Netherlands free of charge up to 5 hours prior to the booking and we will not be charging cancellation fees to cancellations made less than 48 hours but more than 5 hours in advance, regardless of the booking duration or amount of prior cancellations with 5 to 48 hours notice. However, if on arrival the escort detects any possible signs of the Corona virus with you, she is free to immediately terminate the booking without refund. Quid pro quo.

The news around COVID-19 or the Corona virus is rapidly developing and we recommend that you read up on current recommendations. Needless to say, our escorts follow all of those (health) recommendations and the same is expected from our clients. As a result, our high class escorts are currently unable to accompany you to large events such as erotic parties.

You can proceed with your escort booking in the Netherlands

We were recently alerted to news reports about aggression against Asian tourists in a country outside the Netherlands. This aggression would be caused by fear of contracting the Corona virus. We have traced these news items and seriously doubt their truthfulness. But this is only speculation. As a Dutch company, with escorts based throughout the country, we see thousands of tourists safely viewing the Netherlands every day. Alone, or in large groups, we see no difference in that. Whether it is Amsterdam, Rotterdam or another area in the Netherlands, all of us have not noticed any form of aggression against foreign tourists, whether or not of Asian origin. So you can visit the Netherlands with confidence. If you feel a huge cough or sneeze coming up... then it might be wise not to do this in the face of others. But let's face it, did you normally do that then? Isn't it normal not to sneeze or cough in the face of others? To wash your hands regularly and apply a certain level of hygiene?

Update April 1st 2020: The blog above was written on March 4th. Since, a lot of new information about the Corona virus has become available and the consequences appear to be much greater than anticipated. We recommend using official organisations for information about the Corona virus. In addition, we personally like this video which clearly explains why the Corona virus is much worse than the flu.