F.A.Q. about COVID-19 and our escortservice

F.A.Q. about COVID-19 and our escortservice

The most frequently asked questions about the Corona virus and high class escort

How much can change in a few weeks has become painfully clear to many recently. At the beginning of March there was (almost) nothing going on. The Corona virus was a kind of flu, wouldn't that hardly bother us in the Netherlands? We now know better. We already receive sweet emails from many clients to wish us strength in these bizarre times. We also received many questions. We will discuss the most frequently asked questions in this blog, and these will be updated as time passes. For information about the Corona virus, we would like to refer you to the official organizations that deal with it. We also want to take this opportunity to wish our clients strength in the near future. Many of them are entrepreneurs and are also severely affected by this pandemic.

Should I be afraid that your escort service is going bankrupt?

No, you don't have to be afraid of that. Apart from the fact that we have some reserves, the biggest cost of a high class escort service is the escorts' salary. This is paid per booking and you guessed it; if there are no bookings, these costs will disappear, as will the income of our high class escorts. For our high class escorts, this work is always something they do along side to another job or studies. They are not financially dependent on their work as a high class escort, but it is of course difficult that this income is lost for months. Contrary to many other Dutch people, our escorts are not eligible for any financial aid or a compensation for loss of income despite having always payed taxes on their income. In our opinion, this is a much greater problem than our escortservice is facing.

Are the high class escorts tested on Corona?

Safe sex is very important with our high class escortservice, which is why our escorts are regularly tested for STDs. However, the Corona virus is not an STD and testing for this virus is only done on persons with clear complaints. Although our escorts, and you undoubtedly, would like to be tested preventively for the Corona virus, this is not possible. Due to the limited testing capacity, only persons with Corona complains are being tested for the Corona virus.

Can I still make future (international) bookings?

You can, but you will have to look at the possibilities for each request. Almost daily there is more news about the Corona virus and new measures are being taken. It is currently impossible to see what the situation will be like in a week or a month. We normally accept bookings up to three months in advance, but have decided to extend this period to six months for the time being. However, be aware of the increased risk of cancellations. This can be because there are new measures or updates regarding the Corona virus or because the escort cancels. The reason we normally accept bookings up to three months in advance is because this is a reasonable period of time within which your high class escort can oversee her agenda and can sense whether she still likes her work as a high class escort. This becomes more difficult with a period of six months and the risk of cancellation by the escort, regardless of the Corona virus, is higher.

Will my member loyalty points remain valid?

Yes, these remain valid but the validity period is not extended. In addition, it is currently not possible to use member points for a reduced rate on your booking if it takes place before July 31st, 2020. An exception will of course be made if your member points consist of a deposit for future bookings. However, points that have been saved with bookings in the past, and are therefore an extra that we give, cannot be spent at the moment. Our industry is among the most affected companies by the Corona crisis and we do not consider issuing member points appropriate during this period. You continue to save for member points, even during the period that you cannot spend them.