Use innovative condoms with your escort

Use innovative condoms with your escort

Innovative condoms, for ultimate pleasure with your high class escort

As you probably understand, the high class escorts of Society Service only have sex with a condom. After all, the safety of you and our male and female escorts is paramount! Nevertheless, we would like to point out that nowadays there are more and more new condoms on the market that are easier, tastier and safer than those of existing brands, such as Durex. Nothing wrong with such a development, according to us. This way you get even more satisfaction from your meeting with your beautiful high class escort from Society Service!

Lelo Hex, ultra-thin condoms for even more fun with your escort

The condoms from Lelo Hex have found the answer to three common problems.
1. Discomfort. The unique HEX structure extends and bends completely for your comfort. That way you can concentrate on nicer things.
2. Slide off. The HEX web is located on the inside of the condom so that it provides texture support.
3. Break. The structure makes the condom very fine but also very strong. This way you can be sure that Lelo HEX condoms offer you and the high class escort the desired protection.
In short: the Lelo Hex ensures that you and your high class escort from Society Service can enjoy your sensual adventure with a wonderful and safe feeling!

Wingman, safer use, less interruption and a better feeling!

Nothing is as annoying as a condom that does not cooperate. Especially if you are in one bed with a dazzling high class escort from Society Service and you are just about to have best the sex of your life. But luckily there is the Wingman! This Dutch-made condom stands for safer use, less interruption, a better feeling and therefore more fun! Why is the Wingman so easy to use? Because application is done in 3 very simple steps: 1: Hold the condom by the clip with the logo up. 2: Unwind completely 3: Turn the clip away, throw it away and you're done! You can take it from us, after using a Wingman, you will never want to use another condom.

My One, perfect fit condoms, 10 lengths, 9 widths and 60 sizes

Although we would never settle for pants or shoes that do not fit well, we strangely will do this with condoms. That does not make sense, especially when you consider that a condom that fits you well makes a valuable contribution to sex. In fact, a condom that is not comfortable can be a huge turn off, literally and figuratively speaking. Penises come in many shapes and sizes and luckily My One has the answer; perfectly fitting condoms, in 10 lengths, 9 widths and 60 sizes. Certainly there is a perfect fit for you so that you can look forward to your date with the high class escort of your dreams with confidence.

Condom of the future: hydrogel that feels like you're not wearing anything

Although it may sound a bit like sciencefiction, they are now working hard on the condom of the future: Extra-smooth "hydrogel" contraceptive that feels like you're not wearing anything at all. Doctors say it feels better, is more attractive and is potentially safer than latex. Be patient and your enjoyment with a high class escort will reach its climax!