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A website devoted to all you ever wanted to know about "cheating"

We try to stay updated on what's happening in our field of work and when browsing the internet, we found this nifty website about cheating. The Cheating-ABC, Cheating for dummies, whatever you wish to call it. The website contains interesting (and some not so interesting) articles on topics related to cheating. Too bad the website is only in Dutch, as it would have certainly interested our non-Dutch readers as well. We'll discuss a few of their interesting articles.

Excuses used when cheating

Apparently "working late" is the most common excuse used when cheating, closely followed by "hitting the gym" and "meeting with friends". Sure, this might work for a while but going to the gym often but never loosing those few extra pounds might cause suspicion. But help is on the way. There are companies that provide alibi services or deception services. "Paladin Deception Services is here to assist you in obtaining the fictitious reference, the little white lie, or the alibi that you need. Our agency can provide you with either male or female testimonialsover the phone in the local area code that you require. We're confidential, professional, innovative, and affordable. Most importantly, we keep it legal. Get the verification that you need!" Amazing isn't it? Here's their website.

Tips and tricks not to get caught

We all know the saying "don't shit where you eat". It might sound a bit vulgar but very true when it comes to making sure you don't get caught. Basically, you should not cheat with anybody within a 100km radius of where you live and work. So no affairs at work, at your home or even close to it. Meet at a neutral place, such as a hotel, or at one of our incall locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Make sure to be careful with scents. You should smell like sweat after hitting the gym, and like beer after meeting your friends, not like a sweet female perfume. And whatever you do, always practice safe sex. Many things can be explained, but an STD can not.

What does the ideal mistress look like?

According to datingwebsite, this is what the ideal mistress looks like: a 26 to 32 year old blonde with green eyes and an athletic body type. In addition she should not smoke, but should enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and then. And of course she should be single, since you do not want to share her. According to those preferences our escort Noa would be in high demand. But there are a few differences when it comes to selecting the perfect high class escort. Yes, the ideal escort is somewhere between 25 and 30, with blonde hair. But her eye colour is not of great importance and neither is her body type. In fact, the most requested body type is a "normal" slim body type with some curves. The perfect escort is indeed a non smoker who enjoys a glass of champagne, but she will also be free of tattoos and hold a university degree. Taking this into consideration, the perfect escort in our current portfolio would be Robin or Michelle, closely followed by Noa.

In addition to cheating information, the website contains articles about fun with vibrators, how to have better orgasms, how kissing is good for your health and much much more. Worth a visit!