Applause for all the beautiful escort experiences in 2022

Applause for all the beautiful escort experiences in 2022

The exceptional experiences at our high class escort service in 2022

What better way to start the new year than with a positive look back at 2022 and with good hopes for 2023. The end of the year is usually a relatively quiet period at our high class escort service, which gives us time to look back on all the fantastic experiences realized in 2022.

When we open our mailbox or PO box these days, we will find a Christmas greeting or New Year's wish in it every day. From one of our high class escorts or a grateful client. To see what beautiful experiences we create at Society Service feels grateful and gives a pet on the back when things don't go as well. We are very grateful to both the escorts and clients for that and if we can wish you anything for 2023, it will be many more of these beautiful experiences!

A dream booking for Rotterdam escorts Nina and Daisy

Of course, a booking does not have to include a tropical island, Michelin star restaurant and private plane to be a dream booking. Good company is enough. But of course such a setting does help. That was the experience of the Rotterdam high class escort Daisy and escort Nina, who visited a tropical island together. Escort Nina tells more about it, Daisy took care of the photos:

"When I saw that Daisy and I were going to a tropical island together, my heart immediately started to beat faster. The anticipation of this trip was already incredibly exciting: we coordinated with each other about which summer lingerie sets, dresses and bikinis we would take with us. And finally the day of departure had arrived, of course it was great to see Daisy again! Her beautiful appearance with long legs, beautiful hair and a sweet face and sparkling personality means that it is absolutely no punishment to spend several days with this lady. Once we arrived in paradise, we immediately felt at home at this location. Soon we were walking around in bikinis."

"How sexy Nina looked in her thong bikini, with her tight trained figure and beautiful curves." Daisy quickly agreed.

"This trip was of course not just the two of us, but also with a very nice and charming man. The chemistry between the three of us was immediately palpable and straight away there was laughter and flirting during a delicious dinner. The island provided a perfect opportunity for a romantic atmosphere due to the warm temperature, beautiful sunsets and clear blue water, but there was also plenty of room for (sports) activities where you get to know each other in a relaxed way.

Like two Bond girls we raced across the water on the jet ski, in our bikinis of course. And later while scuba diving we saw the most beautiful corals and fish in all colors of the rainbow. During these activities we regularly looked at each other with a smile: 'How lucky we were that we were allowed to spend time together in this paradise'. After a dinner in one of the luxurious restaurants, there was a huge sexual tension because of the connection the three of us had. Once in the villa, there were plenty of options: we could immerse ourselves in the pool or enjoy a bubble bath. Then it was time to spoil the client with an extensive massage during which we also increased the tension between each other. The rest you can fill in for yourself... This trip to a tropical destination was great for both of us, and we are already looking forward to what the future destination for us (as a duo) will be. The trip was orgasmic in more ways than one!