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World Broadcast China about our escortservice

On January 28th, our very first Chinese interview was published by the World Broadcasting. Owner Marike was interviewed for the article, which appeared in Chinese on the website verscheen. Below you find a short summary of the original Chinese article in English.


As a 21 year old student at a prestigieus university, Marike founded her own company. She's now 30 and owner of the largest high class escortservice of The Netherlands "Society Service", where approximately 40 ladies work and generates a multi million turnover. A special entrepreneur that leaves all stereotypes about the sex industry behind. 

Limousines, luxurious restaurants, nightclubs and five star hotels are part of the day to life of luxury callgirls. When we meet the educated young blonde we can barely imagine she's a "madam". During the interview, her phone is constantly ringing, like with any other busy entrepreneur. After the legalization of prostitution in 2000, it became possible for Marike to found a company in this industry. "My passion is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship, it doesn't matter in what."

Running an escortservice is legal in The Netherlands, but does require a permit and registration at the Chamber of Commerce. To obtain the permit the entrepreneur must pass a Bibot-test, where several ministries check the integrity of the applicant. If the applicant has a criminal record, doesn't pay taxes on time and so on, no permit is provided. An escortservice pays taxes just like any other company. The escorts are on a payroll through the so-called "opting-in" method, which is between full employment ship and freelance. Marike makes sure all taxes are paid for the escorts. The escorts enjoy the same freedom as a freelancer does but do not hold any right to social benefits. The escorts are subject to pay 21% VAT over their earnings, the tax authorities see the mediation fee and escort earnings as a whole, as one service and not two separate services. Marike finds this tax system very agreeable and describes her relationship with the tax authorities as pleasant.

Marike is in favor or legalizing prostitution. In addition to the income of taxes, legalization offers the possibility to regulate and prevent problems such as human trafficking, exploitation and violence. The government has more control over a legalized industry, plus it offers room for decent entrepreneurs in the industry that want to work only in a legal industry. According to Marike, the current laws seem to be based on a negative point of view, that prostitution is a bad thing. She thinks this is caused by the bad image of the lower part of the industry (cheep brothels and window prostitution), which affects the entire industry. According to her a large part of the problem lies with the cliënt. A person who uses the services of a prostitute for as little as € 35, can in all fairness figure out that after deducting taxes and expenses, the lady will make no more then about ten euro's, which is not a normal price and increasing the chance of exploitation. 

Rates at Society Service start a lot higher, from € 700 for two hours. The rate is based on the time spent with the escort, not what is done within this time. "We offer an erotic experience. The escorts can choose for themselves what they want to do and what not. It is custom for the cliënt and escort to take time to get to know each other, chatting, a drink, flirting and creating an atmosphere. Clients need to take the feelings of the escort into consideration. Eroticism is often part of the booking but the escort can always say no. In addition, the escort is free to refuse clients of a certain age or background. I can imagine a 20 year old escort is not looking to be with a 60 year old cliënt. But refusing a client because he's a bit bald or overweight, is not done. It's not a dating service, it's an escortservice."

At these rates, the escorts need to meet certain criteria. According to Marike they need to be intelligent, half of the escorts are students. She should not only be beautiful but also elegant, smart and fun. In addition at least 21 years old, Dutch and fluent in Dutch and English. "It's very important for the escort to be able to communicate at the level of the client, which are often successful businessmen." Marike emphasizes that the motivation of the escort can not be solely financial, she should genuinely enjoy it. She needs to think carefully about her choice and is given some waiting time. There are usually several months between the application and the first booking.

Contrary to what most think, there is no bodyguard waiting outside during a booking. Marike thoroughly screens her clients in advance and trusts her instances. She teaches the escorts to do the same. When it doesn't feel right, it's time to go home. This policy has made sure that to this moment there have been no incidents.

Marike recently wrote a book, the Escort Bijbel. In her book she tells her story but also clients and escorts talk about their motivation and experiences. Marike tries to offer a realistic view on this industry by emphasizing that just like with any other job 1 in 10 days is less nice, 8 out of 10 days are nice and 1 in 10 is fantastic. The escorts work because they get paid for it, just like anybody else in a different position. And just like other people, escorts select their job based on what they enjoy doing. Marike soon hopes to publish her book in English. Speaking of which, being fluent in English is a requirement to be a client of Society Service. Also with foreign clients and bookings abroad, communication is important and therefore it's required clients are fluent in English.


(荷兰在线专稿) 当同龄的中国女大学生还在捧着奶茶扮清纯的时候,21岁就读名牌大学商科的她就创立了自己的应召公司,如今30岁的她已经是荷兰最大的高级应召俱乐部“Society Service”的老板娘,旗下管理着40名高级应召女郎,经营着数百万欧元的生意。玛丽克·范德菲尔登(Marike van der Velden) 的创业故事颠覆了一般人对色情行业老板的想像。














和那些每次挣三、五十欧元的橱窗女郎不同,玛丽克旗下的高级应召女郎的价码都是每小时几百欧元。两小时700欧元是起价,一次晚餐加旅馆幽会则要1150欧元,整个晚上要价2000欧元,包周末要价4500欧元。价格以时间计算,但这段时间中做什么则不管。“我们提供的是一种情色体验。姑娘们可以自己决定做什么,她们毕竟不是机器,她们可以和顾客先聊聊天、喝喝酒、调调情,营造营造氛围。顾客也要顾及到姑娘们的感受和体验。不过话又说回来,我们提供的毕竟还是性服务,所以她们要必须接受和顾客发生性行为。不过,如果顾客有不尊重的举动,姑娘们随时都可以说不。” 此外,玛丽克还表示,应召女郎对某类顾客有忌讳,比如年龄或种族,她会在安排顾客时尽量考虑到。 “比如我可以理解一名20出头的女孩不愿意接待60岁以上的顾客,或是一名女孩因为以往的感情经历对某个族群有心理阴影。但她们不可以因为顾客过胖或秃头而拒绝他,我们这不是相亲网站。”




卖淫业虽然在荷兰是合法的,但是刊登卖淫相关的广告却是非法的,无论是招募应召女郎的广告还是招揽顾客的广告都是禁止的。对此玛丽克有她自己的对策:通过各种媒体采访和曝光来增加公司的知名度,并且时常去企业家云集的聚会做演讲,因为公司的主要顾客也都是那些成功的商人。“几年前我曾接受母校校报的采访,谈论我的创业经历。文章刊出后立即引起很多争议,但这恰恰为我做了广告,那个月我立即就收到很多封学校女生的求职信。“ 不过,顾客找到他们的渠道主要还是谷歌,”毕竟做这事很多人不愿让别人知道“。


在常人的印象中卖淫业都是鱼龙混杂之地,象玛丽克这样的年轻女子是如何保护旗下的应召女郎呢? “大家都以为在约会的房间门外会站一位膀大腰圆的保镖,我们绝对是没有。只要事先做好必要的防范措施,进行足够的调查,就会防止很多风险。" 玛丽克表示,在接每宗生意之前她都会通过电话和顾客交谈,凭经验就可以发现一些可疑的迹象。另外,如果约会地点在旅馆或顾客的家中,她还会打电话去旅馆前台核实顾客的姓名或是房产信息中心核实户主姓名,如果有可疑情况就立即不接这宗生意。姑娘们也被教授一些安全知识,一旦感觉不对,就立即取消交易或通知警方。“从业近十年,我还没有遇到一起意外事件。”

“既然应召女郎们的工作听上去似乎还不错,那么你本人会不会亲自上阵呢?” 听到这个问题,玛丽克立即哈哈大笑,说人人都想问这个问题,但答案是“不会”。“虽然我也喜欢情色诱惑,但我有固定的伴侣,而且我最大的激情就是创业。我不适合为别人打工,不愿意被命令,如果我不做这行,我也会去其他行业创业。创业其实都是一样的,只不过提供的产品不同而已。”



不过玛丽克说,公司的顾客中有很多是来自海外的富商,他们往往会乘在荷兰出差之余订购他们的服务,同时也有不少来自海外的“外卖”订单。“我们的客人中也有来自中国的顾客,有一次我们的姑娘还特地飞去了香港两天。” 颇有生意头脑的她还计划把网站翻译成中文,“不过我们只接待会讲英语的顾客,因为顾客也必须能够和我们的姑娘们交流,否则如何营造浪漫的气氛?我们也要顾及姑娘们的感受。”看来中国的土豪们想要和来自荷兰的高级应召女郎共度良宵不会英语还不行。