Feedback new escort

Provide your feedback on a recent booking with a new high class escort

In the form below you provide feedback on your recent booking with a new escort. This is a requirement when booking a new escort. Be as extensive as possible, this way we can perfect the profile of the escort, adjust it where necessary, compliment the escort and adjust our matchmaking accordingly.

  • Character

  • You recently had a booking with a new escort. How did the escort come across to you? Was the escort nervous or more at ease? Did the conversation go smoothly or not? Did you have a good time? Did the escort come across as confident or insecure? Was the escort civilized and representative? Did the escort seem to be herself? Were there things that stood out (compared to your previous experiences with us), etc.
  • What are the characteristics that come to mind first? Does the profile of the escort contain characteristics that you did not see? Or are any missing?
  • Did the escort come across as discreet? Did the escort comment on other escorts, clients or Society Service in general? In which way?
  • Appearance

  • Was the escort's appearance as you expected based on the profile? Are there things that create a different expectation? If so, in what way?
  • Was the escort dressed according to your preferences? Was the choice of clothing appropriate and representative?
  • Did the escort smell good? Did you notice if the escort had smoked? Did the skin feel soft? Hands and feet neat? etc.
  • Eroticism

  • Did the escort take initiative or was she passive? Romantic or not? An experienced lover or a bit clumsy? Was safe sex a given? Intimate hugging and kissing or passionate and naughty? etc. Explicit details are not necessary.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Are there other escorts you have met that the new escort reminds you of? Why?
  • Een hogere tariefgroep wordt op veel factoren gebaseerd, zoals beschikbaarheid en reistijd maar moet ook aansluiten bij de ervaring van cliënten. Welke tariefgroep pas naar uw mening het beste bij uw ervaring met de escort?

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