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Christmas and New Year at our escortservice

Christmas and New Years Eve with a high class escort or gigolo

Are you spending the upcoming holiday season in The Netherlands? Then we are happy to inform you we are open every day during the holiday season as well, including Christmas and New Years Eve. Our opening hours and minimum bookings are slightly adjusted for some days and can be found below. Since availability is limited, we recommend you place your bookings well in advance, at least a day in advance.

December 24th: Open from 10.00AM until dinnertime (approx. 7.00 PM). A 3 hour minimum booking is required.

December 25th: Open after brunch until dinnertime (approx. noon to 7.00 PM). A 5 hour dinnerdate or longer is required.

December 26th: Open after brunch until dinnertime (approx. noon to 7.00 PM). A 5 hour dinnerdate or longer is required.

December 31st: Open from 10.00AM until party time (approx. 9.00 PM). A 12 hour overnight or longer is required.

January 1st: Open after brunch (approx. noon) until 10.00PM. Regular minimum bookings apply.

On all other days, regular opening hours and conditions apply.

Escort and gigolo booking suggestions

Last year, we already provided some wonderful international suggestions on how to spend the holidays with one of our high class escorts. But with the addition of some very sexy gigolos to our team, we now offer some booking suggestions within The Netherlands. It’s safe to say, nobody wants to spend these special days alone and now you don’t have to either.

In general, people spend one Christmas Day with their family. But there are two Christmas Days, so how to spend this day? If you are living in one of the bigger cities of The Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or Eindhoven, it might be wonderful to select one of the better restaurants and go out for dinner. But if you are living in a smaller village in The Netherlands, it might be great fun preparing a Christmas dinner together with your high class escort or gigolo and enjoy each others’ cooking talents.

An other common reason to book a high class escort or gigolo during the holiday season, is to have him or her join you to a party you’ve been invited to. The holiday season is usually filled with parties, from a small dinner with friends to larger corporate events. Having the hottest date by your side will certainly make the party a lot more fun. Looking to go clubbing during New Years Eve? We’ll make sure your escort or gigolo is a skilled dancer.

Last but not least, many people are free from work between Christmas and New Years Eve. How about spending your free time shopping for a new wardrobe, together with one of our stylish high class escorts? Or an athletic activity with one of our fit gigolos? A wellness day with an escort? The possibilities are endless.

Book a high class escort or gigolo

Interested in some sexy quality time with a high class escort or gigolo this holiday season? Then make sure to contact us as soon as possible. If we do not speak to each other during the holiday season, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to hearing from you again in the New Year.

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