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A discreet escortservice

Will the arrival of the escort be discreet?

A common concern is regarding the discretion of the escort, in particular how she will arrive at the location of the booking. Most clients prefer to keep their booking with an high class escort private and require a lot of discretion. A chauffeur in an expensive car, holding the door for an elegant lady in stiletto’s is not what most clients have in mind when they want discretion. So let us explain to you how it’s done.

When an high class escort visits your private residence

When visiting a private residence, the escort will decide what’s the most discreet way to reach your private residence. In most situations, when the escort travels with a private driver or taxi, the driver will search for a discreet location, near but not too close to your private residence for the escort to exit and enter the car. She will walk the last bit alone. The driver will not wait for the escort there, but will leave for his next ride. The same goes in case the escort travels to you in her own car. She will park at a discreet spot and walk the last part.

If you live in a residential areas with mostly large villa’s, she will drive straight onto your premises and park there or ask her driver to drop her off there. Your neighbors are more likely to notice a beautiful lady walking your long driveway than they will notice a car driving there. If you live in the centre of a large city such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, there will be so much going on anyway, people walking and driving everywhere, nobody will notice a lady stepping out of a car. In particular if you live in a large apartment building, the escort can easily reach your private residence in a very discreet way, regardless of where she steps out of the car. And then there’s always the Dutch weather. It sometimes feels like we have more days with rain than without. Your escort has taken some time to make herself look at her best for you and walking through the rain might interfere with that. So when it’s poring outside, your escort will quickly exit and enter the car as close to your private residence as possible.

What we mean to explain with this, is that each booking and location are different. The most discreet option is chosen and your discretion is a priority to us, closely followed by the comfort and safety of the escort. If you have any advice regarding parking and directions, please share them with us so we can inform the escort.

When an high class escort visits you at the hotel you are staying at

The majority of our bookings take place at hotels. Our escorts will exit the car as close to the entrance of the hotel as possible, as this is custom for other guests of the hotel as well. An high class escort always dresses elegant and feminine, leaning more towards conservative than sexy, unless otherwise requested. But when entering a hotel, the escort will usually change her elegant pumps for flats and put her hair up, not to draw any attention. She will walk straight to the elevator and not report herself at the frontdesk. In short; she will try to be invisible and act like a regular hotel guest. Right before knocking on your door, she’ll take her hair down and put her heels back on. When a sexy outfit is requested,  she will cover it with a discreet trenchcoat. Despite all efforts to act and look discreet, let’s be honest. When a beautiful, elegant young lady enters a hotel at a certain time, alone, the hotel staff will at least suspect why she is visiting. It is key that this remains only a suspicion, so the hotel staff will not act on it. They will not take their chances and approach every good looking young female guest, as this could very well just be the daughter, mistress, friend, wife, colleague, etc. of one of their guests.

Some hotels see it as a service to their guests to approach each and every person that enters the hotel, including a very discreet high class escort. The escort will then say she’s visiting a friend, Mr. X in room X. What happens next is very different from hotel to hotel. Some hotels will understand, just wish her a lovely evening and that’s it. Others will be less discreet and call the guest to discuss the matter, even ask him to come down to the frontdesk, ask the escort to complete a form that is more extensive then your checkin procedure and, at least so it seems, do whatever lies within their power to make it as difficult as possible for the escort to visit you. We will know in advance which hotels have such a policy and will warn you ahead of time. You might want to meet your escort in the bar or lobby to avoid this hassle, but if you prefer, the escort can also go through the hotel procedure and remain graceful and patient throughout the procedure, no matter how impolite and degrading the staff is treating her. We teach our escorts that it’s below them to act on it and will request her to remain ladylike and polite at all times.

More and more hotels have installed systems that require a keycard to enter the elevator or certain doors before reaching your room. The same choices arise as when the hotel holds a policy to approach every visitor. She can either go through reception and report herself as a guest, or you can meet your escort at the lobby or bar of the hotel and go up together. There is really no way around it. At least no legal way.

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