Interact Service

Eroticism, intimacy and sex with an handicap or disability

When you are confronted with a physical handicap or chronic disease, this will have consequences for your sex life. Eroticism, intimacy and sex are no longer as natural because of physical complications and limitations. The Interact Service offers the ultimate solution.

To meet your sexual needs you can use the Interact Service. This service was founded by Society Service for men and women aged 21 or older with a physical handicap, disability or chronic disease. The Interact Service is not available for persons with a mental handicap.

The quality of current commercial erotic assistance in this area often leaves much to be desired. When you are looking for a high class escort who enjoys visiting you, you’re at the right place. The Interact Service listens to your desires and is provided by escorts who are both intelligent and beautiful, and offer the Girlfriend Experience. In addition to offering female escorts, we also offer heterosexual male escorts or gigolos for a Boyfriend Experience.

High class escorts of the Interact Service

The Interact Service is offered by several high class escorts of Society Service. You can expect the same as clients of our “regular” escortservice do, but tailormade to fit your special needs and desires. Contact with your escort will go beyond a simple fulfilment of erotic needs. Our escorts are beautiful, sweet, kind, intelligent and charming escorts and intimacy with them goes beyond the purely physical contact. Our newest escorts are not available for the Interact Service.

Escorts who are confident about a disabled client

The escorts of the Interact Service have the right character and a genuine interest in this special service. In addition, some escorts received a training in how to deal with your handicap, disability or chronic disease. This training was provided by amongst others, renowned sexologists and an experience-expert. Different professional institutions have helped us.

Eroticism at the Interact Service

Having physical limitations can bring along some practical problems. The accessibility of many places of entertainment leave much to be desired, but also the representation of the outpost is of importance. The Interact Service will discreetly bring your high class escort to your house or hotel room, so you do not have to look for a date outside of the privacy and comfort of your own home or hotel room. 

Your escort will be prepared

Your escort will know in advance about your handicap and its nature. Your escort will not be frightened and will know how to handle the situation. For the sexual aspects of your booking, your escort can use extra recourses or touch special erogenous zones of your body. Your escort can prepare an erotic show, or only cuddle and kiss you. Together you will experiment and attune to what is and isn’t possible and share an intimate, erotic, romantic and sensual time together.

You need to be prepared for your escort

Personal hygiene and being well groomed is of great importance for an intimate experience. However, most clients of our Interact Service depend on others for this. We can’t stress this enough; please ask your caretaker to pay extra attention to your personal hygiene and the cleanliness of your house. You have an exciting date coming up and don’t want a lesser experience due to lack of hygiene beyond your fault. In addition, if you require the assistance of the escort after the booking to get dressed and into bed, please inform us in advance so we can reserve the time for this.

Rates of the Interact Service

There are several basic needs in life, such as food and a roof over one’s head. In our opinion, physical intimacy is a basic need as well. However, just like you don’t need to dine at a Michelin star restaurant when you are hungry and sleep in a luxury castle when you are without a home, using an exclusive escort service is not necessarily the right way to fulfill the basic need of physical intimacy.

Is your budget for an erotic service provider is very limited then there are several services available to match a small budget. If your budget is larger but our services are just out of reach, a special request for a reduced rate can be made. We have a modest budget available to offer a reduced rate and requests are taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

The budget we have available for this has limits and we trust our clients to have the integrity to decide if this budget should be appointed to them or if it should benefit someone else. You should apply for a reduced rate if:

  • You otherwise cannot afford our services in any way or only with great difficulty.
  • You have ‘outgrown’ the above mentioned services for a small budget both financially and service wise.
  • With a rate reduction you could use our services just once in a while.

You should not apply for a reduced rate if you just enjoy a discount, all clients want that after all. Other reasons when not to apply for a reduced rate are when the reduced rate would merely result in:

  • You can now afford a longer booking or with an escort in a higher rate category.
  • You can now enjoy our services several times a year in stead of just once in a while.

The reduction is taken from our mediation fee only and will have no influence on the earnings of the escort. Therefore the maximum reduction will not exceed 25%. Furthermore, the Interact Service will not be payed by health insurance funds, no subsidies are provided by (local) governments.

Please contact us and describe your situation, disability and your ideal date to be considered for a reduced rate.

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