Indecent Proposal

Meet a famous celebrity escort

Have you ever seen the movie “Indecent Proposal” where rich businessman John Gage makes an indecent proposal to the beautiful Diana Murphy? One million euros for one night of passion. High class escortservice Society Service offers you the possibility to make your very own Indecent Proposal.

Society Services was founded a long time ago already, and throughout the years we’ve met some very special young ladies and gentlemen. Our escorts share very different looks, backgrounds, personalities and so on… but are all very special in their very own way. But every now and then we meet an escort who is extra special. So special that we find it suitable to adjust the financial compensation proportionally.

As a result you will find some profiles of escorts on our website that list higher rates than most of our other escorts. In addition to that, we are working with some very exclusive ladies and gentlemen open to your Indecent Proposal. These very exclusive escorts and gigolos are mostly published (fashion/lingerie) models, TV personalities, renowned business professionals and other well known persons. A few of our extra special escorts can be found here.


Escorts available for an Indecent Proposal


Extra exclusive escorts with profiles on our website

The high class escorts who have an online profile on our website with rates just slightly higher then the majority of our other escorts are, in our opinion, slightly more special then our other escorts. If these escorts were listed under the same rates as most of our high class escorts, we believe the majority of our booking requests would go to these escorts. However, these particular escorts are not available very often. It’s really a simple matter of “Law of demand”, hence the higher rates.

The higher rates are in no way or shape a suggestion that more or better (unsafe) services are offered. It is merely the (combination of) looks, personality, background, etc. of the escort that excels. A truly fantastic “service” is a result of a genuine connection and mutual effort… which includes both parties involved, not just the escort.

Extra super exclusive escorts without online profile

We are in contact with some extra super exclusive escorts who are open to your Indecent Proposal. Most choose not to have a profile on our website, and are available for a single, maybe second Indecent Proposal only. Rates for such escorts start at € 5000 for one night, up to € 100.000 for one night. The reason why these escorts require this type of compensation is directly linked to her celebrity level.

The more well known in The Netherlands, or throughout the world for that matter, the higher the price. We are talking about the fashion model on this months cover, playmate or playboy of the year, known young entrepreneur, tv presentor, actress or actor, accomplished athlete, socialite, etc. When you are seriously interested in meeting such an escort, please keep in mind that an extensive screening and Non Disclosure Agreement are necessary. In addition, it is required that you are a repeat client of our “regular” escortservice.

Interested in the Indecent Proposal?

Wish to meet such a special escort or… are you such a potential escort? Contact our office now and discuss the possibilities.