Society Service in the media

Society Service appears in the news on a regular basis. You might have heard about our high class escortservice, the Virgin Experience and Interact Service, in several media, such as magazines, newspapers, radio and television. You can read about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in this special industry, working as an high class escort, etcetera. We do so not only to promote our business but also to educate people in general and (potential) clients, hoping to remove some of the current stigma. But please relax; discretion is guaranteed. Specific information about clients and escorts will under no circumstances be shared with third parties. More background information about Society Service can be found here.

We are always open to new interview and publication requests, also for research purposes. So feel free to send us an email about what you have in mind and we go from there. In addition, when you are looking for a special speaker at your college or event please send us an email.


22 Aug 2015
On August 22nd newspaper Parool published an article in the annex PS about students working as high class escort.


15 Jul 2015
On july 15th, daily newspaper Telegraaf published an article about university student Laura, who works as an high class escort.

Vice Munchies

29 May 2015
On May 29th, online magazine Vice Munchies published an article on the etiquette of an high class escort at our luxurious Dutch escortservice.

Grazia Magazine

27 May 2015
On May 27th Magazine Grazia published an article on escort Sarah, who works as an high class escort and also sees disabled clients.


16 May 2015
On May 16th daily newspaper Parool published an article in their appendix PS about the saturday morning at an escortservice.

Algemeen Dagblad

15 May 2015
On May 15th an article was published by daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about Society Service and the Interact Service.