Reverse matchUp to 48 hours

Find the best high class escort through a reverse match

The reverse match can be used when there is something very specific about you as a person or your preferences, which makes the matchmaking process more difficult. If such a specific characteristic or preference is not present, you can use the instant matchmaking or tailormade matchmaking options of our high class escortservice.

How does the reverse matchmaking work?

With a reverse match, we will provide our escorts or gigolos with information about you, as provided in the reverse matchmaking form. You can choose to have all escorts review your reverse match, or preselect a few escorts or gigolos of your liking. The escorts will read your reverse matchmaking form and provide a simple “yes” or “no”, to let us know if they believe they are a match for you or not. A motivation is not provided, as this would be to time consuming for our escorts. We will provide the names of the escorts who believe they are a match with you and you can then select which escort you would like to book.

Specific erotic requests

When completing the reverse matchmaking form, be as elaborate as possible. It is okay to provide information about sexual preferences, such as a special fetish or fantasy. It is however not okay to be very explicit, pornographic or with the focus only on sexuality. After all, our escorts offer an experience that goes beyond a merely sexual service and booking requests for just a sexual service are always declined. In short; the time you spend outside the bedroom should be at least equally important as time spent within the bedroom.

Complete the reverse matchmaking form

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