Good day! As from December 22nd 2016 we have implemented some changes to better protect your privacy. As a result, all previous member accounts are deleted and no longer valid. You will no longer be able to login with your old credentials. There are two options:

1. You have not booked with us in the past year: Sorry, no Member Account can be provided. No exceptions are made.
2. You have booked with us in the past year: Please send us an email to obtain your new login credentials. We will reply within 48 hours. Your email must include: Your first name, year of birth, nationality and (approximate) date of last booking. Please send your email to: members@societyservice.com

For more information, please visit our Member Information.

Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,

The Society Service team

Login is available again, if you are a member of Society Service that is of course!