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Hotel suggestions of our high class escortservice

We are often asked for hotel suggestions. For a few major cities we have compiled an overview. There is no cooperation between Society Service and the hotels listed, these hotels are just listed as a suggestion to make your search for a suitable location easier. In addition, we are often asked how to deal with recurring hotel issues:

The hotel requires a keycard in the elevator, now what? The escort can either report herself as your guest at the front desk and go through their check-in procedure. Alternatively – and more discretely – you can meet the escort by the elevator / in the lobby / just outside the hotel and go up together with your keycard.

Can the escort come straight to the room? If no keycard is required and the front desk is a bit out of sight then yes. Our escorts will dress discreet upon arrival and always attempt to go straight up to the room, without being noticed by others, such as hotel staff.

When should I provide the room number? Please call us when you are checked-in, or send an email if there’s enough notice. New clients are required to check-in before our driver departs to the escort. In practical terms, this means check-in must be at least 1 to 2,5 hours prior to the booking. If that’s not possible, a prepayment via banktransfer is required. Returning clients are required to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to the booking, so you have enough time to freshen up and get ready for your booking.

The hotels’ conditions mention no guests / escorts are allowed, is this enforced? In general: No. Those terms are there in case a guest is causing damage or disturbance due to his visitors, so the hotel can refer to those to deal with the situation. As long as you keep things discreet and don’t disturb other guests you will have no problems inviting a guest into your hotelroom. We have not yet come across a hotel that refuses our escorts entrance. There are however some who make it more difficult (see below).

Hotel recommendations per city

We have listed hotels in three categories:

  1. Hotels that are not escort-friendly; Experience has shown us staff at these hotels are not respectful (read: unfriendly) towards our escorts. They will make it as difficult as possible for our escort to visit you at this hotel. Visiting you at these hotels is not impossible, but needless to say, not our first choice.
  2. Hotels that are wonderful yet indiscreet; Hotels which require keycards to go up in the elevator are so common, they are no longer considered indiscreet. However, a policy that requires the client to collect his guest at the front desk and lengthy check-in procedures for the ‘guest’ is required are considered indiscreet. Our escorts can visit you at these hotels, but please be prepared for some difficulties at the front desk.
  3. Hotels we recommend; Hotels which have at least a normal level of discretion and high level of comfort and luxury.

If a hotel is not listed, we do not have a particular preference towards it. The Netherlands offers countless hotels after all, which we can not all categorize. A few suggestions nationwide; Our high class escorts do visit the Van der Valk hotels, in fact, their suites are ideal for bookings but their standard rooms are not. So-called ‘cubic hotels’ are not a suitable location to meet your high class escort at.

Hotels in Amsterdam

  1. Hotels that are not escort friendly: Swissotel, Estherea, Dicker & Thijs
  2. Hotels that are indiscreet: Okura, Hilton, TwentySeven, W, Crane Faralda, Seven One Seven, Dylan, Amstel Intercontinental
  3. Hotels we recommend: Pulitzer, Sofitel The Grand, The Toren, Vondel hotels, Luxury Suites, Andaz, Conservatorium, Marriott, Amrath, Renaissance, De L’Europe, Hotel V, Hilton Double Tree, Canal House, Pestana, Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt Regency

Hotels in Rotterdam

  1. Hotels that are not escort friendly: –
  2. Hotels that are indiscreet: Hotel New York, Pincoffs Suites, Novotel
  3. Hotels we recommend: Mainport, Marriott, Hilton, NHOW, Inntel, Bilderberg Parkhotel, The Slaak
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