blog item - 19 Oct 2022

Use the Dollar exchange rate to your advantage

Take advantage of the strong Dollar rate with our escortservice

To be fair, we didn’t come up with this idea ourselves. A client recently pointed this out to us. The client in question uses our high class escort service very regularly. He asked via email whether there is a maximum amount for making a deposit. Of course that sounded like music to our ears.

At first we thought the client was asking this because of the Unusual Transactions Act. We reassured the client; if the deposit is paid via bank transfer from an account in his name, this deposit can be quite substantial. A briefcase with cash is of course a different story. But that was not the point at all and we will tell you more about that.

Pay with US Dollars at our escort service

You can pay with American Dollars at our high class escort service. This can be done in cash as well as through your dollar bank account. In the past year, the US dollar has appreciated about 15% against the euro. If you have a dollar bank account, for example because you live in the US or do a lot of international business, it is currently slightly ‘cheaper’ to use our escort service than when you pay with Euros.

A deposit for multiple escort bookings

The client who wrote to us understood this very well. He therefore wanted to pay a larger amount with which he can pay for future bookings. In doing so, he will benefit for a longer period of time from the currently favorable Dollar/Euro exchange rate. An additional advantage is that we also add a 5% bonus for amounts from €10,000. However, a few conditions apply. The prepayment can be spent solely on the booking rate of (not discounted) standard bookings with a duration up to 24 hours, not on longer bookings or other extra expenses such as travel expenses.

Has your interest been aroused? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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