blog item - 11 Feb 2022

SMS and Whatsapp at our escortservice

Contact with our escortservice via WhatsApp or SMS text message

On May 18th of 2017 we already wrote a blog about contacting our escortservice via Whatsapp and SMS text message. Five years later, we figured it’s time for a small update since our policy has changed on this subject. For years we have seen an increase in the number of people who would like to contact our escort service via SMS messages or WhatsApp and that requires an adjustment on our end.

Although our high class escorts offer a very personal experience, more and more clients prefer the speed, discretion and comfort of electronic contact methods over personal contact. We have done our very best to offer you a website which should answer many of your questions. If your questions remain unanswered or you desire our assistance, email is our preferred method of contact. This is followed by SMS and whatsapp, if the conditions below are met. Of course you are also welcome to give us a call. If you are ready to place your booking, our preferred way to do so is by using our online booking form.

Of importance with SMS and Whatsapp

A few things are important when you contact us via Whatsapp or SMS. First of all, we can only be reached via Whatsapp and SMS during our opening hours (10 am – 10 pm). You can usually expect a response within a few hours, but at the latest within 6 hours. Did you not receive a response? Please send an email or call us. After all, 3% of SMS messages are never received and technology does not always function properly. In addition, Whatsapp and SMS messages cannot be forwarded, unlike telephone calls, so that this contact method is only supported when owner Marike is on duty. Luckily she is most of the time.

SMS and Whatsapp for returning clients

There is more to setting up a booking than you might think at first glance. After all, we organize a special experience. It is therefore not our preference to organize a booking in its entirety via Whatsapp or SMS. However, if you book with us recently and regularly, this is possible. In our opinion, however, this contact method is more suitable for short questions and updates about upcoming bookings. When you contact us via Whatsapp or SMS, always state your full real name or client number. The latter is equal to your login name for our Member Area. Because we do not store SMS and Whatsapp messages and never store your number in our telephone, this information is required for every message.

SMS and Whatsapp for new clients

As a new client it is not possible to set up a booking via SMS and Whatsapp. You can submit your booking via the booking form on our website, by email or by telephone. It is possible to ask a (short) substantive question via SMS or Whatsapp that is not clearly answered on our website. Therefore questions like “who is available” and “what does it cost” are not answered. As a new client you can also send us an SMS or Whatsapp message about your upcoming first booking with us, such as the room number or clothing preferences. When you contact us as a new client via SMS or Whatsapp, always provide a proper introduction. This must always include your full real name, age, nationality, background and more information about what you have in mind and how we can assist you.

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