blog item - 18 May 2017

SMS and Whatsapp

Do not contact our escortservice via WhatsApp or SMS textmessage

Over the past year, we have seen an increase of the amount of people that want contact with our escortservice over SMS text message or WhatsApp. However, these are not contact methods we offer. This is clearly mentioned on our website, yet people continue to reach out to us over WhatsApp and SMS text message. Since we have no desire to offer these new methods of contact in the (near) future, we thought it would be best to explain why you can not contact our escortservice through SMS, WhatsApp or a similar messenger service.

Your message will not reach us in time, or at all

Our website lists a direct landline and a mobile number to contact us on. Both are redirected to our switchboard, which is answered by either Jacky or Marike, the two ladies who have direct contact with clients. A call to our direct landline or mobile number can easily be forwarded to the switchboard of either lady that is answering your calls that day. However, WhatsApp and SMS messages can not be forwarded. These are sent to just one device, and chances are this device is not with the lady behind the switchboard. Your message will not be read until the actual mobile phone is viewed, which might not be done for days. We have deinstalled WhatsApp from our phone, which makes it impossible to contact us through that method. However, SMS text messages can not be switched off. You can not tell if we have seen your message or not. In addition, according to most telecom providers, up to 3% of all SMS text messages send do not reach its destination, in particular not when they are send internationally. Therefore, it is always better to send us an email or give us a call.

We do not know who is sending us the message

For discretion purposes, your number is not stored in our phone, or our records for that matter. In addition, we do not keep old messages that have been exchanged with us. Most SMS messages sent to our escortservice however, do not include a name so we have no clue who is sending them to us. Since we do not know who we are dealing with, we can not be of any assistance. We have built a very elaborate website that includes a lot of information. We gladly answer any questions you still have via email or when you call us. But we will not answer questions over SMS. We find contact via SMS not suitable when setting up an intimate and romantic encounter with one of our high class escorts.

Most of such messages come from timewasters and fakers

Most messages sent to us via SMS or WhatsApp come from timewasters and fakers. People who have no genuine interest in booking with us, and see this as some form of entertainment. If it is really too much trouble for you to check our website for rates and availability, and even a call to us is not worth your time, you are likely not the type that we would like to introduce to our high class escorts. The sign you are sending across is that you do not respect our boundaries and rules of engagement. We assume you will not respect the boundaries of our escorts as well, and will refuse you as a client. Experience has also shown us that people who prefer to communicate over SMS are not likely to be serious clients. In fact, to this date, we have never successfully set up a booking with a new client over SMS. And we’ve tried many times. We do not think it is fair to dedicate any more time to such requests, we prefer to devote our time fully to serious requests and our repeat clients.

What will happen when you send SMS or WhatsApp to our escortservice

You are unable to send us WhatsApp, as we have not installed this on our mobile phone. If a client we already know sends us a SMS text message and includes his full real name, we will answer it as soon as we see it, to the best of our ability. Keep in mind, it can be days before we see your message so it is always better to contact us via email or give us a call. If an unknown person sends us a SMS text message, so either someone who is not including his name or has not booked with us before, we will send a general respons when we see the message. This general respons will read: “For more info and bookings, please call us, send an email or check the website. We do not answer SMS.”. Or we will just forward this blog page… Either way, we will not substantially respond to any other messages sent to us via SMS.

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