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SMS and Whatsapp at our escortservice

Contact with our escortservice via WhatsApp or SMS text message

On May 18th of 2017 we already wrote a blog about contacting our escortservice via Whatsapp and SMS text message. Four years later, we figured it’s time for a small update since our policy has slightly changed on this subject. For years we have seen an increase in the number of people who would like to contact our escort service via SMS messages or WhatsApp. However, these are not standard contact methods that we offer. We will explain this to you in more detail.

Your message will not reach us in time, or at all

Our website lists a direct landline and a mobile number to contact us on. Both are redirected to our switchboard, which is answered by either Jacky or Marike, the two ladies who have direct contact with clients. A call to our direct landline or mobile number can easily be forwarded to the switchboard of either lady that is answering your calls that day. However, WhatsApp and SMS messages can not be forwarded. These are sent to just one device, and chances are this device is not with the lady behind the switchboard. Your message will not be read until the actual mobile phone is viewed, which might take a while. You can not tell if we have seen your message or not. In addition, according to most telecom providers, up to 3% of all SMS text messages send do not reach its destination, in particular not when they are send internationally. Therefore, it is always better to send us an email or give us a call.

We do not know who is sending us the message

For discretion purposes, your number is not stored in our phone. In addition, we do not keep old messages that have been exchanged with us. Most SMS messages sent to our escortservice however, do not include a name so we have no clue who is sending them to us. Since we do not know who we are dealing with, we can not be of any assistance. We have built a very elaborate website that includes a lot of information. We gladly answer any questions you still have via email or when you call us. But we will not answer questions over SMS. We find contact via SMS not suitable when setting up an intimate and romantic encounter with one of our high class escorts.

New to our escortservice? Sorry, no SMS or Whatsapp!

Most messages sent to us via SMS or WhatsApp come from timewasters and fakers. People who have no genuine interest in booking with us, and see this as some form of entertainment. Unfortunately, experience has taught us this. In the past we have responded countless times to questions from new clients via SMS or Whatsapp, but time and again this effort turned out to be for nothing. We have learned from this and adjusted our policy accordingly. We prefer to spend our time more productively and never substansively respond to SMS and Whatsapp messages from people who have not booked with us before.

SMS and Whatsapp for returning clients

After reading the above, it is clear to you as a returning client that we strongly prefer contact by telephone or e-mail. Do you necessarily want to use SMS or Whatsapp? Then this is possible, provided your message concerns a quick update, such as providing your room number. You can then send your message stating your full name or client number. Without this information, your SMS or Whatsapp message will not be answered substantively. Questions that require more text and explanation and setting up bookings is not possible via SMS or Whatsapp. This can only be done by telephone, e-mail or via our online booking form.

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