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Sexy massage experience

A sensual massage experience gets you in the mood

Few things are more intimate to be surrended to than a tender loving massage. Our high class escorts can be considered real goddesses in this field and are able to give you a fabulous massage experience, so that any tension disappears like frost under the morning sun. Who isn’t (even just a little bit) nervous when having an appointment with a beautiful, independent and sexual conscious woman, who has only one goal during your date: to have a wonderful evening or night with you, which you will not forget easily. Of course our beautiful girls enjoy their time with you as well, otherwise it could never even be such a wonderful evening. ‘To pretend’, is something we don’t know at Society Service. The motto of all our escorts is ‘live life to the fullest’ – that’s why they are attached to our agency. Such an amazing night doesn’t start in bed of course. No, it ends there, at least, in general. Our high class escorts live up to their name with the sophisticated way they can get you in the right ‘flow’.

The escort caresses you

Picture this. The two of you, comfortably seated on the couch, glass of Champagne in your hands, having a little chitchat, you ask the escort of your dreams what things she likes and suddenly you feel, almost unnoticed, her hand in your neck. She caresses you. Tender, but purposefully. She opens up a button of your shirt, and another one. And one more. She caresses your chest, she kneads a little and teases your nipples. She asks you to accompany her to the bathroom, where she has a lovely sensual massage in store for you. As the tub fills, the rich and silky bath foam fades the water from view. Your beautiful companion undresses you and secretly touches you everywhere. Your massage experience has begun… Once you’re both in the tub your body is all slippery due to the foam – the escort lady almost unnoticeably changes her moves into a somewhat more firm massage. Ooh, you feel the relaxation… Well, perhaps not in only one part of your body. You believe you landed in a dream and probably think you can’t endure, but then you didn’t take your charming escortgirl into account. She also wants to enjoy the evening…

Share the massage experience with hér…

When you get out of the tub you towel up. Her hands playfully touch you here and there, even on spots you didn’t expect it (yet). A tingle goes through your body. You long to her, to her touch, the pulsating moves of her hands in your neck, your back, your waist, all the way down… But the climax is not yet in sight. You’ve got plenty of time to enjoy each other. She reaches for a bottle of massage oil. A questioning look: perhaps you want to give hér a massage…? Her smooth curves feel like a dream. You softly knead her legs, her buttocks, her waist, her breasts. Already you dare to continue. This night can not go wrong…

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