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Other activities during your Dinner Date

Other activities during the Dinner Date with your high class escort

A Dinner Date is a booking where you spend at least the first half of the booking on lunch or dinner with your high class escort. Instead of a very extensive dinner that takes up at least this first half of the booking duration, you can also choose to combine your lunch or dinner with another previously agreed social activity.

We recently received questions about what exactly we meant by ‘another agreed-upon social activity in public’, which is why we explain this in more detail in this blog. We hope to make it clear to you what the approach of a Dinner Date is, but of course we also want to provide you with some nice suggestions for a special interpretation of your booking.

Dinner with cultural performance

The most common combination is a dinner followed by a cultural performance. With a cultural performance you can think of the theatre, the ballet, an opera performance, concert and much more. Such performances usually start around eight o’clock, which leaves little room for an extensive dinner prior to this. It is customary for this combination to start your booking around 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm so that you have time for a short dinner and then go to the performance together with your high class escort.

Other activities with your high class escort

The above are the most common combinations during bookings with our high class escorts. However, there are countless other possibilities. Over the years, our clients have surprised us with the most amazing ideas to get to know their high class escort in an elegant setting. A special guided tour in a museum or other art institution, private boat tour, cooking class by a Michelin star chef and much more. In our blogs you will find various suggestions, including activities for introverts and extroverts. What is in any case important to be eligible for the Dinner Date rate is that you spend at least the first half of your booking getting to know your high class escort better in a special social setting. Whether this is a very extensive dinner in a (Michelin star) restaurant or a simpler dinner combined with another extraordinary activity, our escorts really enjoy both.

During the activity in a social setting, both you and the escort remain fully clothed. That is why the Standard Rate always applies when visiting locations such as a sauna, swingers club or (nude) beach. This also applies to attending a workshop with an erotic touch. However, that does not alter the fact that our escorts all find these very nice activities to undertake during a booking.

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